Pedal buy: TM T3PA-PRO vs. CSR Elite

Would you buy the VG T3PA-PRO or the CSR Elite pedals?

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Hi Chaps,

I'm looking to add pedals to a TS300RS. I've whittled choices down to the CSR Elite Pedal (with inversion kit) and the Thrustmaster VG T3PA-PRO.

I can get the CSR pedal for $235 incl. tax and (slow) shipping and the T3PA-PRO for $150 including tax and 2-day shipping.

I've scanned the forums a bit but I'm unsure as to whether there's a consensus as to which of these are the better choice, in terms of performance and reliability? I don't mind paying more but obviously only if it's worth it. Any advice or prior-owner experiences appreciated. Added a poll in case owners would rather just give a thumbs up on their choice.
Had a set of elites with a csr wheel very nice pedals i now have a thrustmaster setup with t300/tx with t3pa pros and for the money the pros win very well made and well worth the investment in the uk they were out of stock for ages and had to wait 2 months to get a set
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