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Pedal Angle - Logitech G29

After some advice here - I've been using my Logitech G29 wheel and pedals (Just getting into sim racing, so looking to upgrade in the future). The wheel is fine and causing no issues, however the pedals are a bit of a pain.

I've previously been using them with a Playseat Challenge and had no issues with the pedals flat mounted. I've now purchased a GT Omega Pro which has an angled pedal plate, and the brake pedal is angled too far forward. This makes it feel like I don't have any control off the brake, and taking my foot requires me to force my toes upward, and my ankle doesn't bend upwards any more (I'm not hyper-flexible). Not very pleasant, even over a single lap, let alone a race.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this issue, and what they did to rectify. Did you build a 'cheese shaped' wedge to bring the front of the pedals upwards (therefore reducing the angle of the pedals) or is it easier to just replace the pedals (if so, what is reasonable at an early stage of sim racing).

Pictures attached for an idea, Thanks in advance. And I'll owe you a virtual beer.

EDIT - I've tried moving my seat backwards no help.


bring the front of the pedals upwards
Bingo, no need for a wedge; I just used a stick of wood under the front of the pedals screwed into appropriately threaded holes.
G29 pedals are good value and easily modified e.g. for load cell brake and digressive clutch;
it is IMO negligent of GT Omega to not better support these popular pedals.
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