[Pebz] Complete Lotus E20 [2012 livery pack]

Lotus E20 [2012] livery pack done from scratch in [DHD 8192x8192]

Pack No.3

New everything: carbon, nuts, shadows, logo’s ect...

All the different livery changes throughout the entire season done.
If I have missed any specific logo changes let me know & I will update the pack.
It’s not that easy to find pictures for all of the different angles of the car over the entire season.

Due to model restrictions it's not possible to add the car numbers to the Monaco livery,
The angry birds logo goes where the numbers are, I tried moving the angry bird’s logo down a bit but it looked

The folders are clearly marked just copy which livery you want to use to the main F1 2012 directory

Back up your original files before using!!!

enjoy Pebz :D
  • Australia-Bahrain, Default livery
  • Spain, added mangrove logo to nose.
  • Monaco, added angry birds logo’s to nose & rear wing, 500 races logo to nose & linkin park logo to the sides.
  • Canada – Brazil, moved mangrove logo to rear side’s floor & some other small changes
  • Britain, added dark knight rises logo to sides.
  • USA, added angry birds star wars logo to sides & cockpit.


New China livery, added lotus NYO logo DOWNLOAD HERE


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