PCIE Soundcard wich one to get

hi guys
looking for some advice, i have some soundcard trubbles wich couse bad lag in atm i have a
Soundmax SupremeFX II that came with my Asus Rampage Formula but i get sound lookups
in offline play and online as example in GTR2,GTL or Race07 cars are flashing in race i can fix it
with alt tabbing but that dosent work in GTL or GTR2, i will over this week do a complete reinstall
of my system and hope to fix that issue but if this not helps i guess the card i have
now is broken so i will then need a replacement wich of these 2 cards you would get personaly
i tend more to the Xonar as i was not realy pleased with the Creative driver support



thanks in advance
The last dedicated audio card I used was the original SB Live, I have used onboard audio ever since but last year when upgrading I went for a Xonar D2X and have to say it is awesome, sound quality and volume is way better than all previous onboard audio and latest onboard audio on my GA-X58A-UD7 and game performance seems better.

Personally I wouldn't have a Creative card, I have problems with Creative kit going right back to AWE cards, their drivers and support are absolute Crap, so I would recommend the Asus.

same i expirence with creative since the live i had from them the awe 64 i had was pretty fine but from them there support went down the drain
and drivers sucked so i might get for the xonar thanks Eyghon-RD

Dave Stephenson

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most people i speak to now say get the Asus Xonar. A lot of people have problems with Creative X-FI stuff, I had massive problems under bista. it was hell for a bit. Since I went to windows seven and the newer drivers for it It hasn't skipped a beat in 8 months so I quite like it. It you get into the soudncard hell position though its awfull, really awfull.
Ive got the PCI champion series and love it.
i found out that its probaly not even a soundcard issue as all the games like race07,GTR2 and GTL works fine under win xp
so its might be a win7 issue maybe some software like premiere pro cs4 installed a not compatible codec or such
will install win7 new and see what happens anyway from now i will use win xp for raceing till i find the time to install win 7 new
anyway thanks for your response and tips :) butt he Xonar will move on my list of things to get in the near future

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
btw i have the stryker ii extreme motherboard. I'll send you my soundcard to try if it doesn't work :)

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
well i needed the 1/4inch jacks and front panel midi much more than i needed a headache free life :)

Kevin Ascher

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I'm not an expert for PCIE soundcards but I recently went for an extern DualUSB card by Aureon which both lets me connect my headset to it and provide me a superb sound when I have my Creative audio system connected to it.
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