PCC @ Norisring Tuesday 5th August 2008

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Dave Robinson

Mar 31, 2008
Hey Fellas =)
It was my first race on RaceDepartment and i was loving it. So many skilled and good drivers .... im gonna love this site and cya in many races.
In my profile i said that i was Semi-pro ... lol maby gonna change to beginner...
But this car the pcc it not any of my favorites ... so il be back faster when my favo mod is up.
Great race and grats to podium ....
Hi Hexx we have raced a few times on the rfc server and you are always a good fair driver. You moved over a few times for the faster cars and that takes as much work as driving out in front. Hope we race again in the future :thumb:

James no worries m8 and as I said at least you waited for me out of the chicane, a very nice gesture :becky:

Mario Rocha

Jul 16, 2008
Disconnect from the server

Sorry guys, but i'am disconnect from the server and i can't joint after that anymore.

Maybe next time i joint with you all.

In my PC have many lags, disconnect 2 times (with the 2 servers) and i ca't joint anymore

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