PCB of my fanatec pedals has blown

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andrew Pienaar, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Andrew Pienaar

    Andrew Pienaar

    So my PCB of my fanatec pedals has blown , luckily i have a g27 as well but my problem is 1) fanatec will not send a new PCB to South Africa because and i quote "We do not ship to South Africa thankyou and goodbye" and 2) it would be cheaper to buy a G25/G27 PEDAL ADAPTER CABLE FOR FANATEC WHEELS so that i can at least use those pedals with my fanatec wheel. So i tried to buy it from Fanatec Site and was told again (We do not ship to south africa thankyou and goodbye)..If i were to pay someone for the Cable and postage would anybody be able to buy it for me and send it via postage to South Africa i would really appreciate it (the cable costs 6.95 euros and i dont know how much would postage be from different countries as they differ in price)..If anyone can help please mail me on piesemail761@gmail.com so we can arrange something

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