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Pcars Vs Raceroom


Mar 17, 2014
Sorry to invade a title i dont have. But im interested in getting this as i do all sims. I currently have AC, RF2, GSce, Race07 and Raceroom experience.

How does Pcars compare to the new Raceroom sim (new gts Dtms 2014 wttc )



Apr 16, 2014
last build I`ve played was 3-4 weeks ago so I`m not really up to date .. but it was very car and track dependable ... something felt OK, something terrible .. still lacking in FFB department, and controls are not resposive the way I`m used to have them .. for me R3E is much better, physics, FFB and feeling wise, from sims you`ve listed I would place pC at the last place .. but again, 3-4 weeks old build ..
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Aug 2, 2010
Its right up there with all of them. Just like each of the modern racing sims all feel different, so does PCARS but I still like it a lot.


Oct 5, 2009
I feel like the physics may be somewhat comparable but, the FFB is undergoing some heavy-duty work in Pcars that makes it hard to judge at the moment. I'm pretty confident it will be quite good when it's done. It's hard to say until we have full control over the various FFB settings in the GUI but, of the cars that are farther along - I think it feels very good. As with most things, throw out the best/worst reviews and the truth is somewhere in the middle. :)

I haven't spent much time with RRRE lately but, I hear that the FFB has improved even more.

William Wester

May 28, 2013
Sorry to invade a title i dont have. But im interested in getting this as i do all sims. I currently have AC, RF2, GSce, Race07 and Raceroom experience.

How does Pcars compare to the new Raceroom sim (new gts Dtms 2014 wttc )

I have all the sims you mentioned in addition I have pCARS. pCARS is a little rough around the edges here and there as it is under heavy tweaking/fine-tuning but the good is very good.
I like them all, each has strengths and weaknesses. My favorite at the "moment" is R3E, for what its worth, as I like the AI, FFB, sounds, competitions, and careers (DTM 2013/2014) - followed very closely by GSCE.
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Sep 11, 2014
Looks like the verdict is still out there and feedback is all over the map. I too am curious as I want to manage my expectations. i think its safe to say it's a buy for sure, and the pc version will be further refined by moders assuming the systems are robust enough.

If they enable early access on steam I'd buy it.


Oct 5, 2009
Of course, what I say is simply my take on where things stand with Pcars at the moment.

There are numerous reasons for the wildly different reports we read and hear online. I suspect many of the negative ones stem from a lack of understanding on how to properly setup and test the game. It just isn't at a point where Pcars is plug & play, you have to understand the vitally important parts and procedures or the handling and/or FFB can appear completely broken to mildly off. It's fairly easy to determine how sincere the source of such a report is about testing with a few technical questions; in most cases - you get the wrong answers or none at all. Of course, there are some that just don't like it for whatever reason.

The development is also at very different stages for different cars, many are getting better fast but, there are still a few that are almost un-drivable in their current state and will be until each variable is further tuned. Once a car is handling pretty well within the community, the pros do their testing and changes are made based on their feedback. There are cases where the community may question certain car behavior and that is then passed onto the pros for their feedback. It may take several passes to get things dialed in. Many, if not most cars are still undergoing testing and tire revisions as well as FFB development. There may be only a few cars that are currently close to being considered done with that phase but, one gets the sense that the pace is now accelerating progressively.

There are also some signs that a setup bug may still be lingering but, it can be hard to reproduce at times. It makes handling comparisons somewhat difficult - even for experienced testers.

All of these things should serve to provide those of us with an open mind, some hope for the outcome of Pcars as a Racing-Sim. I have to admit though, at times - it has the feeling of being on a remote island. I guess that doesn't have to be a bad thing either - can someone please pass me the coconut?:)