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Nov 10, 2012
Due to the fact that Slightly Mad Studios has delivered to the public a game (Project CARS) that renders the ability to organize a private lobby of 16 online players on the Xbox One currently very difficult (evidenced by our recent experiences of random freezing users, random kicks, and debilitating online lag) and makes pitting a gamble that could end your race, all league races will "no pit required" and require us to use comms in party chat or Skype if grids grow. (Remember to reset your modem and router and go to party chat first, where we will stay for the duration of the race).

It is unclear who is to blame for this product that was delivered to the public in this current state, however, we note that many other racing games on the Xbox One run 16 grid private lobby multiplayer races with little or no problems. Forza Motorsport 5 is a good example. As such, this race destroying defect in design will not allow organized leagues to operate with pits or variable weather as long as problems persist such as we experienced on May 30th, 2015 and July 18, 2015. Some have documented their experiences on the pCARS forums and I encourage all to do this.

Note to Players who have signed up: Rooms of eight (8) racers in a party chat (with only up to maybe two exceptions) would also mean that is the max lobby size at this time. However, if two lobbies must be formed, we will create a separate party chat and divide the lobbies according to qualifying. Then, points descend starting with the first lobby down, however, if any person in a lower lobby shall equal a person's time of race in the upper lobby, the person in the lower lobby shall receive the same points as the person in the upper lobby. Or, in the alternative, we will go to Skype if everyone wishes to stay together.

Robert Waddell
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