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PC2 PC2 on PC: FFB differs while driving?

Hi guys,

Tonight I was driving a few different cars for just a little while, a few fwd cars and a got a car that had almost no feel.
Okay, could be a "less good car". So I took the Renault 3.5 and also; very low ffb.

A week ago I got my T300 and I then spend an evening setting up the ffb in an Indycar at Long Beach. So I knew how that felt pretty well. I took the car and was surprised; very low/weak ffb also!
But when I drove on the roundabout, all of the sudden, the ffb came back in "full force".........

I'm driving this on a pc, got stock TM settings (wheel rotation on 420 and calibrated in game) and "immersive" as setting with no weird things.
Now one can argue the settings are not okay, but this is what I set it to and back than it felt fine.
But stranger; it shouldn't be gone and whilst driving, be coming back, right?

Is this a thing, does it happen in this game? Or should I send my TM T300 back? I hope not.

One more thing........
For me being afraid there is something wrong with my wheel,
Would you please do this simple test for me, so I can know if it is normal or not?
The effect with the wheel turned to the right 45 degrees, is completely silent; you feel it going, but just a slight "brrr".
Now with the wheel turned to the left 45 degrees, it goes "krrrr", making a sound like an G27 when there is a flat spot on the tyres. Just a fast "clacking" sound.

The sound is frightening I have to say but if it is normal; I can live with it.
All the way around the rotation, the sound differs, at least that.

Would you mind guys, doing this small test for me?
Thank you for your reply Cote Dazur.
In other sims, I didn't notice really. But come to think of it; sometimes I did have a thought "hmm, it's a bit weak" and later on: "hmm, what was I whining about?"
So, maybe it was there too, but less noticeable; I have no idea.

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
It sounds like a wheel issue to me, if it also happens in other SIM, even if it is slightly different as every SIM FFB is slightly, and sometime not so slightly, different.
A good test might be to crank up the FFB in one of your SIM, as it should exacerbate the strength difference you are feeling.
My experience with FFB in PCars2 is that it is 100% stable, unlike SIM like Race07 which was ( for me) all over the place depending of the session, but not during the same session.
Your wheel being new, so probably still under warranty, should probably be replaced.
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