F1 2014 PC-PS4

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
im playing on a PS3 , and reasonably happy, but when I used to play gp3 on a PC, I loved the way we could adjust stuff using gp edit and others.

I'm playing on a 50inch , and a next level ultimate rig.g27. In a dedicated room.

I'm hanging out for the ps4 version, coz I do gave a ps4 already.

But what sort of money would I be looking at au$, for a tower with hdmi out, ? Tower with all the specs required, keyboard and mouse?, are graphics and details better?

Thanks forum,

You can build a decent gaming rig for $500 - $600. It will be barebones.. you know .. maybe a CD burner vs a blue ray burner but you can get it done. The graphics are good on PC. The main plus to jumping into PC gaming is stuff like Iracing.com. Iracing will open up a whole new world of online PC racing for you. If you can afford it I'd recommend getting a PC if you're into driving simulators.


Thanks for that, should I build to the F1 game spec, or go as high as I can for longevity.

sorry for just jumping in but we dont know the 2015 games requirements yet. I think it is safe to assume that as the ps4 has much greater specs compared to the ps3 the pc version will also see a jump in requirements. due to better textures plus all of the presumably new features that are likely to be included

so i would say go for as high as you can. but remember that things such as a graphics card can be upgraded pretty easily, plus nvidia are probably going to release their new mid range cards early next year ( after the top tier 900 series were released last month? )

one would safely assume that the mid range 900's would run the new f1 on high if not ultra.