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PC, PS3 and Displays

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Craig Stevenson, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Craig Stevenson

    Craig Stevenson

    I have a dual monitor setup on PC and a 32" TV and recently acquired a PS3 to play PES\FIFA. The PS3 is currently connected to my main 24" Monitor and I can switch between PC & PS3 with the source button. I want to be able to switch the PS3 output from monitor to TV without having to mess around unplugging leads. I was thinking of something like this http://www.cabling4less.co.uk/products/1336/luxury_2_port_hdmi_splitter/

    I also sometimes connect the PC to the TV when I want to watch a DVD or something but again this involves disconnecting one of the monitors to plug in the TV lead. I would like to split one of the monitor outputs so that it runs to the monitor and TV and again I think it needs to be switchable. The vid card in the PC is a GTX580 which has 2xDVIand 1xMini HDMI.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on best and cheapest way to achieve this without effecting performance?

  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    What you are talking about is going to involve at least 2 switches. 1 to switch the PS3 and the other to switch the output of your vid card. As you have noted, there are switches available for this situation. Some can be found that switch automatically which would be good for the PS3 as long as the computer was off when you used the PS3. Otherwise you would want 2 manual switches.