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PC Patch 07.10

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Mateusz Najda, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Mateusz Najda

    Mateusz Najda

    Posted on CM Forums, hopefully this is just a beginning ;):

    Hello everyone.

    We are aware of players encountering some issues with the PC build, and we have just pushed a new build to Steam.

    The fixes that are currently in the new patch are as listed below.

    Flashback and the Instant Replay Flashback causes game to crash to desktop

    Instant Replay - The game is crashing when entering an instant replay in all game modes

    Backing out from a lobby in which you were a Client and Hosting a new Lobby will result in you not having Host Options for your new Lobby

    Fuel info resets every time you cross the start/finish line

    Out of box settings appear to be too high on onboard Intel GPUs

    Graphics options do not save in certain situations

    When a player collides before or after resetting to track, they get disqualified.

    Clipping on the nose camera on the Manor car

    Game crashes after running benchmark

    Tyre wear carries over from short qualifying to race between intermediate & option tyres

    Hang occurs when host backs out of Custom Lobby just before countdown finishes and loading begins.

    Multiplayer qualifying result inconsistent across players

    Backing out of a Lobby on 0 seconds of the countdown timer can result in a Hang if the player then creates and leaves a Custom Session.

    Host will perpetually load after quitting game via front end after getting terminal damage in multiple races in custom lobby.
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  2. Giovaneveterano


    The game doesn't save settings! :(
  3. F1RacingGame


    lol. of course it was NOT possible to fix these crashes before release. See how many crash fixes there are ._.