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PC & monitor match for a newbie

Hello all!
I have made made the mistake ($$$) of venturing into sim racing and I’m about to build my first ever setup. I’ve done a ton of research and feel confident about my choices when it comes to the rig, wheel and pedals but I’m very hesitant to pull the trigger on a PC and a monitor.

My situation:
1) I enjoy high quality graphics and will probably drive mostly in ACC and Project Cars. I’m used to Forza so it’ll be an adjustment as far as driving btw.
2) $1000 is a hard limit for PC. I’d prefer to stay under $800. This PC will be used ONLY for sim racing (two, three games max) as I have a console and a work laptop for other tasks.
3) $500 is a hard limit for monitor

My questions:
1) Will this PC be capable of running ACC at high settings on a single monitor in 1440p at a high refresh rate?
budget option:
High end alternative: https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/RPTwrH/great-amd-gaming-build

any suggestions as far as parts used?

2) What’s your favorite 30-32 inch monitor these days?
I came up with this MSI but I’m open to any better options in the $300-450 range. Since I’ll only run one screen due to room constraints the bigger the better imo

3) as a newbie Should I target 1440p or just good old 1080p? Again, we’re talking about a single screen setup.

thanks for your help! I can’t wait to start driving!!!