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F1 2019 [PC]Microphone doesn't work and usual replay stuttering

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi, doesn't matter what kind of headset I'm using, while in Win10 and other games the mic works fine (f1 2018 too), in f1 2019 when I try to talk to Jeff I see a red icon instead of the mic...I've also tried this solution

Players can’t use their radio output device

Gamers are also mentioning that they are unable to talk with Jeff while on the track, while using different headsets.

  1. Go to the F1 2019 directory
  2. Look in the ‘installers’ directory
  3. Install the x64_speechplatformruntime.msi installer (if installed then do a repair)
  4. Run the msspeech_sr_en-in_tele.msi
unfortunatly didn't woks for me...any hint???

Also can't remember what fix is needed to stop replays stutter and loose fps...with a 2080ti it's such a disgrace to have this problem...

thank you!
I too am having this issue if anyone knows a work around that would be great, it seems, W10 makes the mic decicated to background apps (like streaming software as i stream) which then prevents it working in F1 2019. Had a similar issue with F1 2018 but that was fixed by starting the game before the stream software. This however does not work with 2019 and am now at a loss as to how to get this to work. There isnt an ingame option to select an input device either which is crap.
I've found a fix on W10.
you need to disable all other input devices, then go to properties of the one left active that you wish to use and untick the "exclusive app use" box. Restart F1 and it works ever since