PC configuration for triples, VR, bass shakers and ready for future

Hi all,

Not an expert unfortunately. Lot of information available, but also there seems to be a lot of discussion going on. If one says that he wants to have a 1070 or something there is always someone else that seems to disagree or states that the power supply is to heavy etc. So I feel like I had to start a new thread, purely for my own specific demands.

I am on ps4 and have no pc. I don't mind building it myself but I hear that it doesn't really make a difference anymore nowadays.

I want that my future pc to be fit for purpose and also ready for the future. (Or easy to make it ready for the future).

As such my requirements are:
1. Display : triples (+ maybe one extra for telemetry) and/or next gen VR (valve index/HP reverb) and be fit for my current 88" 4k benq w1700 projector setup with hdmi port.
2. Audio : be ready for bass shakers as well. So need a separate sound card I guess?
3. Sim racing games such as I racing and Assetto. Also will likely use it for other games in the future as well and potentially 3d CAD programs.

Anyone who can help me in a direction?
I think all the suitable cards with triple Display Port outputs will include an HDMI output for your projector, so you probably don't have anything to worry about in that regard.

Sound cards are easy to add later. Generally you will use the motherboard sound for the bass shakers and have a quality add-on card for the audio (or at least that's how I'd arrange it).
Thank you Emery, appreciated.

Ok, so. I think I am changing my requirements. From what I understand the way to go is 3x 1440 144hz. But even the most powerful one of the 2080, barely supports that. Correct?

So... As I am going to use the projector (4k 60hz) for a little while anyway. Should I not just wait a little and ensure that the other parts of the pc are ready to just plug the card in, in like a year or so?

Alex Townsend

Kuala Lumpur
Hi Justin, welcome to the black hole money pit that is sim racing!
I may be wrong here, but triple 1440 at 144hz is going to require a beefy machine to run most sims well.
Possibly a i7 9700k with a 2080ti or super.
I think a 1070 would be ok for standard triples 1080p at 60hz with a fairly recent CPU.
I'm investigating triples myself but only have a 1070 so not looking to go too crazy even though I'd like to.
At the moment I've just been given the go ahead from the bank manager, (aka the wife), to get my bucket seat and build my 8040 rig so I can't push for a new GPU right now... ;)
From what I understand the way to go is 3x 1440 144hz. But even the most powerful one of the 2080, barely supports that. Correct?
Yes, that is my opinion.

With a single screen the GTX 1070 or, maybe even a 1060, is a good deal while you're waiting. Make sure your PC has a beefy power supply, more than capable of handling an RTX 2080ti... that's one area that won't be wasted money.