Paul Nagle Co-Driver mod and Ouninpohja Reverse Pacenotes

v1 video
v2.5 video

I have created a new Co-driver mod for RBR.
Paul Nagle, Chris Meeke's Co-Driver.

If you use pacenote plug-in, be sure to overwrite the 'rollbackfirst' file first.
Otherwise, the number pacenote will not sound properly.

and change the pacenote country to English in the options.
If the codriver changes on some stages, select RBR.ini from the mouse left double-click menu.

To get all of the Paul's various caution notes,
I recommend that do not use the pacenotes plug-in.

I love the driving style of Chris Meeke and Paul Nagle.
For about 30 hours,
I am very concerned with engine noise cancellation, voice tone, connectivity and much more.
(When you got heavy crash, you can hear 'Jesus Christ!' :-D)

But I'm still unsatisfied and I plan to update it consistently.

Have Fun!


Ouninpohja Reverse Pacenotes reverse pacenote revise by

BTB Finland - Ouninpohja Reverse is in the '016V-NORF Rally Finland'

Source Video
WRC - Neste Oil Rally Finland 2015: Onboard Meeke SS08
WRC - Wales Rally GB 2015: ONBOARD Meeke SS4
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