Patricio O'Ward Joins Red Bull Junior Programme

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Highly talented Mexican IndyCar driver and Race of Champions star Patricio O'Ward has joined the Red Bull junior programme with immediate effect.

Having risen to prominence in Europe thanks to his Race of Champions exploits last time out in front of his home crowd in Mexico, O'Ward has continued to cement his fine reputation with some very strong performances for the British Carlin outfit this season in the NTT IndyCar series over in America.

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No stranger to success, O'Ward is the reigning Indy Lights title winner, and for this season finds himself participating in a part-time arrangement for the Carlin IndyCar squad - a last minute deal following break down in negotiations with his original IndyCar team choice late last year.

Despite these difficulties, at only 20 years of age, O'Ward is certainly showing all the signs of being capable of performing at the top level of open wheel motorsport - something that the Red Bull Formula One team have acknowledged by signing up the youngster for the junior driver programme.

"This is a great opportunity for me, naturally every racing driver has their eye on F1 and would give anything to be World Champion," said O'Ward.​

"So to join the Red Bull Junior Team that has provided that F1 possibility to so many drivers is fantastic for me.

"I'm thrilled to be contesting the IndyCar series with Carlin, apart from the Indianapolis 500 we are prioritising the road course so Indy is the only oval I am doing. We've already had success especially considering the fact that I am a Rookie and Carlin are in their second IndyCar season.

"You can't get away from the fact that we don't have the 25 years of experience that the major established teams have so any time you are running in the top ten and giving them a hard time you are doing a good job."

O'Ward is expected to continue his IndyCar apprenticeship this season, however with Red Bull keen to promote young talent, and the requirement to run young drivers for a proportion of in season F1 testing, it could be possible that O'Ward might get some seat time in a modern Grand Prix car sooner rather than later...

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Mar 13, 2013
Mexican? With a surname like that, I expect him to be drinking Guinness and coming from the Emerald Isle lol


Dec 7, 2015
Mexican? With a surname like that, I expect him to be drinking Guinness and coming from the Emerald Isle lol
Just like Santino Ferrucci who is from Connecticut.

Anyways, it is good to see this. Many lately have gone F1 to IndyCar, but not the other way. Might make some believe IndyCar is where you go when you fail at F1, so hopefully this is a great success for the kid and the team.

Leonardo Chaves

Oct 11, 2010
Red Bull programme has a hit a snag as of late, so they need to think outside of the box.

Other than Max there's no one guaranteed in their teams, and Max himself might want a different team soon.


Oct 23, 2016
Apart from the drivers in F1, he is the most talented in the Red Bull programme. Still though as long as it is anybody but Ticktum.

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
So how long until he is chewed up and spit out by Marko?
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