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    Hi Guys,

    Looks like the patch should be in the hands of everyone this week at some point and server owners have already been given the updates. If you are a server owner or provider and did not get the link, feel free to email me and I'll get you fixed up.

    What you'll get on this go around:
    - Chicagoland * This track, raced last week in the ASR Series, showed almost as much fun as you can have in sim racing, I think you'll enjoy it!

    - USA Intl (Lakeland) Revamped * We totally redid the surface, most of the graphics and a tiny bit of physics on this place and it's now one of the top favorites of most who ran it for short track racing

    - Iowa Speedway * This track received a much needed graphic update to bring it up to levels of other later track releases. It is just the first of many to be in process of these upgrades.

    - Interface (UI) * We redid several of the screens to reflect the removal of aids form the sim in the prior update. You may need to search just a bit to find certain things, but generally it's all just a matter of quick referencing

    - Salem Speedway * An adjustment was made to this track to try and eliminate quick cautions causing confusion and sometimes insufficient pitting times for lapped vehicles.

    As we've always said, your support and use of Arca Sim is greatly appreciated and we are continuing to provide you the very best and accurate stock car racing simulation. Our sim is still being provided as a 2 for 1 purchase to new owners as well, so it's a great chance to find a friend and join in online and have fun! Here is the client for purchase and/or review :) &
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