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Patch 1.8 released

Sep 12, 2016
Version 1.8 also sees improvements to VR and the resolution of popular issues relating to Clubs.

The VR updates were already revealed in a recent DiRT Roadbook and are in the Patch Notes below. As a reminder, we are currently investigating the possibility of adding Oculus SDK support to the Steam version of the game, however this will take some time. We’ll share more in the future once things progress.

As for Clubs, a number of fixes come in version 1.8, all related to each other in some way. In short, the “tuning bug”, where Tuning Setups reset to default between Stages, is set to be resolved in this update. Work into this bug has also resulted in potential fixes for car damage, tyre punctures and dirt accumulation being reset between Stages as well.
Version 1.8 of DiRT Rally 2.0 is expected to go live around 10.00 BST on Tuesday, September 3. If you are playing at the time you will have to close the application and potentially restart your console/launcher to download the update. RaceNet will also be taken down for a short while to facilitate the update.


  • Added option allowing players to choose whether to launch the game in 2D Mode or VR Mode.
  • Added support for separate graphics presets between 2D Mode and VR Mode.
  • Added support for “-novr” launch command.
  • Added ability to bind “Reset View” to a preferred button/key.
  • Resolved issue where game would crash if no VR headset was plugged in.
  • Improved readability of UI text in VR Mode.


  • Added support for DiRT Rally 2.0 World Championship Qualifiers.


  • New car: BMW M2 Competition
  • Added files for Greece Rally in preparation of DLC release on September 10.
  • Added files for the Seat Ibiza Kit Car in preparation of DLC release on September 24.
  • Added files for the Peugeot 306 Maxi in preparation of DLC release on September 24.

My Team:

  • Adjusted performance of AI drivers across multiple routes and car classes, to provide a more balanced difficulty curve.


  • Resolved issue where tuning setups were being reset to default between Stages in Club Championships.
  • Resolved issue where damage was resetting between Stages in Club Championships.
  • Resolved issue where tyre punctures were automatically being repaired between Club Stages regardless of spare tyre availability.
  • Resolved issue where cars were automatically being cleaned after every Stage in Club Championships.


  • Resolved issue where too many cars would spawn on the starting grid.
  • Resolved issue where AI drivers would skip Joker Laps if a player restarted a race or got disqualified.
  • Resolved issue where players could avoid taking a Penalty Joker lap after receiving a penalty.


  • Resolved issue where rear left tyre of the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 was too narrow in comparison to rear right tyre.


  • Resolved issue where the host of a Humans Only Custom Event would fall through the game world.
  • Resolved issue where end of race countdown timer would not appear for players yet to complete a race.
  • Resolved issue where players could gain access to DLC cars ahead of official release date.
  • Resolved issue where players could not choose a DLC car if they were in a lobby with a host with Season Content access.
    (Note: If a Lobby Host owns Season content, all players in the Lobby are given permission to use that DLC content regardless of entitlement status.)


  • DirtFish added to Freeplay.
  • New Zealand Rally – Corrected brightness setting for better visibility in darker areas.
  • Mettet, Belgium – Resolved issue where start lights were not working.


  • Updated Freeplay main menu tab to include DirtFish.
  • Added World Championship tab to main menu.
  • Added Uruguayan flag as a selectable option for driver profiles.


  • “Adaptable” – Further improvements after Version 1.7 to make Achievement trigger properly.
  • “Watch the Delta” – Adjusted triggers to assist users who weren’t able to unlock Achievement initially.
  • “Living the Dream” – Adjusted triggers to assist users who weren’t able to unlock Achievement initially.


  • Resolved issue where rev lights on Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base were displaying in the wrong direction.


  • General stability improvements and minor bug fixes throughout title.

Additional comments on popular community issues:

  • We are currently investigating the possibility of supporting Oculus VR headsets natively, via Oculus SDK on Steam.
  • We are currently investigating the ways of supporting post-launch content from other platforms on Oculus, and do not have a release date to announce at this time.
  • The issues of audio cutting out mid-Stage are expected to be resolved in a future update.
  • The ability to spectate in Multiplayer Lobbies is in development and could potentially appear in Version 1.9.
  • The ability to use a “Dashboard” camera angle (similar to the one seen in DiRT Rally) is expected to be added in a future update, most likely Version 1.9.

Version 1.9 is in development and is expected to release around October 1
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