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Patch 1.8/1.9 released on PC to come on PS/XB

Discussion in 'F1 2017 - The Game' started by Matthew Booth, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Matthew Booth

    Matthew Booth

    Codemasters have announced a Sporting Update for F1 2017 with updated liveries & performance. It is out on PC now with it coming to Xbox/PS in a few days. They've clearly been hard at work looking at the list of improvements.


    New Features

    - New Spectator UI has been added to game.

    - LAN Mode has been added to PS4 and PC versions.

    - New Grid editor available in custom multiplayer modes.

    - Photo Mode is now available on PS4 & Xbox One.

    - Sports Update – Updated car and driver liveries.

    - Sports Update – Updated car performance levels.

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed an issue where continuing an online championship resulted in a crash.

    - Fixed an issue in multiplayer where blue flags were occurring at the start of a race once - OSQ had finished.

    - Fixed issue where players could be disqualified at the end of a race if they were disqualified during the formation lap.

    - Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where the player position panel was showing incorrect positions when the spectating qualifying sessions.

    - Fixed a multiplayer issue where players were starting a race in the wrong cars after OSQ if host migration had occurred.

    - Fixed an issue where using an instant replay in practice and qualifying could cause the tyre models on all cars to disappear.

    - Fixed an issue with a flickering skybox during dynamic weather events.

    - Fixed an issue with lod popping on drivers heads when looking backwards with the camera during a race.

    - Fixed an issue where changing display resolution or Alt-Tabbing during gameplay caused severe lighting and graphical issues.

    - Fixed an issue where a white object was clipping through the players helmet.

    - Fixed an issue where tabbing out during a race in heavy rain caused water kick-up to stop working.

    - Fixed an issue with incorrect car images being shown in the standings screen after resuming a classic championship.

    - Fixed an issue where Jeff repeated that he didn’t receive your last message.

    - Fixed an issue where Jeff would use the wrong VO lines when requesting to box this lap pitting during practice programs.

    - Fixed an audio issue with the end of race commentary incorrectly stating a SC made an impact in the race after only a VSC was used in race.

    - Improved AI drivers ability when defending the inside line.

    - Improvements to AI pace balance between qualifying and race sessions.

    - AI Difficulty is now applied correctly in multiplayer sessions.

    - AI will now pit under the SC for optimal strategy instead of waiting for the SC to go in.

    - Player no longer told to catch SC when leading the race and already behind the SC.

    - Fixed an issue where the AI attempts to overtake a player with FW damage under SC conditions and then receive no penalties.

    - Increased the likelihood of SC & VSC periods occurring in online championships.

    - Fixed an issue where double points were being awarded for the AI when a player retired with terminal damage.

    - In career mode players can now use the laptop and not lose the opportunity to compete in a invitational event.

    - Fixed an issue which could show incorrect development time in weeks on R&D parts.

    - Driver number No 1 appears on car instead of 0 after winning drivers championship.

    - Fixed an issue where stop-go penalties could be ignored without receiving a penalty.

    - Achievement / Trophy – Up to Eleven will now unlock correctly.

    - Added the 2nd DRS detection zone to Baku and updated track map video.

    - Added pre-set controls for Heusinkveld pedals.

    - Fixed an issue where the Thrustmaster TX wheel was displaying Xbox Icons for all rim presets.

    - Fixed an issue where gearbox wear would stay at 0% when using no assists and manual gears during a 100% race weekend.

    - Fixed an issue where tyre allocations were defaulting to balanced after returning to weekend set-up screen.

    - Rebalanced medium traction control performance.

    - Fixed an issue with the ‘Find Me’ button on the leaderboard scrolling 100 places rather than to the player’s position.

    - Fixed an issue where Sauber and Mercedes were always the most interested teams when reputation levels are maxed out.

    - Various other fixes and improvements.
  2. Mantas Jokubauskas

    Mantas Jokubauskas

  3. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner

    Just letting some of you guys who have helmet mods installed know that you'll have to reinstall them again as the new patch seems to have overwritten them . Im going to test my game later ( Ive reinstalled the custom helmet I was using ) and check if it both still shows up ok and saves ok . Will let you know then .

    EDIT - Did FP1 at Bahrain . Helmet mod showed up fine . Game also saved ok after FP1 as I've exited and reloaded it and it's saved ok . All you'll need to do is reinstall your helmets using the same technique from before.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017