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Password not saving


Had things gone my way, who knows..
Tick the "stay logged in" thingy when logging in

And if you clear... I don't know how it's called in english, but I know it has deletes history, cookies, downloads etc. Only delete history and downloads if you do ...that often.
have you enabled your cookies? are you using some kind of utility which delete your cookie(s) automatically when the maintainance running?

Rupe Wilson

try logging out and untick the box log in and out then log in and tick the box.
clear all cashes saved date browser history. ect in chrome.
are you using any kind of add blockers they can have funny effects
Hi Rupe , have tried the login/logout but no change only having this issue with RD & Oldskool. All other sites okay no change. I've always used Ad blocker plus without issues, like I said it's not a deal breaker :)