Partner wanted

I am looking for someone to help complete some rally stages for RBR.

I can produce a stage with terrain (to 4 panells) trees, camber and objects (trees, people, signs, etc) but landscapes and horizons seam to be beyond me. Also, some details in the textures are laking and basic.

I am a driver, not a computer tech, and I don't come close to understanding the previous posts about creating these. I have downloaded many different programs and files to try and complete stages and read and re-read tutorials but I can't make them work. If anyone can create a "For Dummies" about this please do, but until then, is anyone interested in helping to finish my stages.

Each stage is about 20-35km's long and mainly gravel. Please, can someone with ability (it won't take much to be more than mine) help me here.
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