Papyrus Indy 500 and Indycar Racing racing with Buick engine

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  1. Vantoil Lima Jr

    Vantoil Lima Jr

    I used to play Indy 500 a lot and when I went to USA in 1996 I got Indycar Racing CD.
    It was the best racing I could have with my not so good PC along with F1GP.

    One thing I was never able was to be competitive (against AI, of course) with Buick engine.
    In Indy 500 I could do a lot of laps with Lola Buick car, but I would blow the engine after some laps.

    Indycar Racing was worse, I think I could never do more than 5 or 6 laps with this engine. Or I was too slow or couldn't do more than 5 or 6 laps. Impossible to race. Even street circuits I would blow it.

    I always wanted to talk to someone how they could race with this engine, but I had anyone around me playing "racing simulators" at this pre-internet time, so noone to talk . I tried different setups, low turbo boost, but never worked.
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    hi its because the buick only revs to 10 thousand rmp maximum the other engines go to about 13 ,000 I think

    so you need to set looooooooong gears on the buick so the engine can use its power but not exceed the engine speed

    it was a speedway oval engine more than anything I think so it is the best on oval tracks because it has more hp but it just revs lower

    with longer gears it will never blow and you will be fine

    and also make sure the gears are quite far apart otherwise its difficult changing them without it blowing !

    here are what the gears should be for a fast oval track like indianapolis or even a road track

    note I set the boost a bit lower at 5 but the gears the the main think having them long enough to gain speed but without over reving the engine and having them spaced enough apart that you can actually change gears before the engine overrevs !

    in the garage set the first gear to


    second gear to


    third gear to

    fourth gear to

    fith gear to:


    sixth gear to :

    and turn the turbo down a bit

    this will work well on all the circuits really just adjust turbo and maybe set the top gear (sixth) to longer or shorter depending on the circuit (on a street perhaps set it to 4:50 or something as I set that car for Indianapolis

    bye! and don't forget to ask the lord god for everything you desire tell him how you feel perhaps go for a walk somewhere quiet where you are alone and tell him out loud

    its important to remember perspective while you wait for god to work because it takes time for the right circumstances to be created !
    so don't fret if nothing has happened yet
    have fun and a nice life,

    yours sincerely