HTC Vive

Tracks Paid track modeller wanted


Feb 14, 2018

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but worth a shot as seems like there's plenty of talent around here!

I work full time for a well known simulator company based in the UK. We are using Assetto Corsa Pro on our simulators, and currently trying to build up a library of bespoke content. We have the car models covered for the most part, but what we are missing is decent quality UK circuits.

I used to build tracks myself for rFactor and made quite a bit of money doing it freelance for companies such as the one I currently work for, but I no longer have the time & also lack the knowledge required to make anything good enough for the current gen of simulation software such as AC.

If there's anybody here who is capable of building high quality (Kunos standard) track models, potentially from aerial LiDAR data please send me a message.

Additionally if there's anyone who can code plugins and apps for AC we'd be interested also.

Kind regards