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PACK FORD GT LM 24H Le Mans 2019

Skins PACK FORD GT LM 24H Le Mans 2019 1.1

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Incredible work with the Ford ... Have you thought about doing them also for rfactor2? Otherwise, do you give me your permission to extrapolate it to rfactor2?
Really really nice work! I drop them in my LM folder but do not show up in menu for selection - what am I doing wrong? Newbie...
As we are watching the race in our opinion the #69 is light light blue not white. Will u change it?
Thierry Warin updated PACK FORD GT LM 24H Le Mans 2019 with a new update entry:

PACK FORD GT LM 24H Le Mans 2019

-changing color on the 69
- + logo on the rear cover (except 85)

on the other hand I did not put the carnumber because I find them too clear but I do other tests and there will surely be an update for that.
Thank you all!

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