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PaceNote Plugin Support - General

shi* I have problem with pacenotes caling timing. I try Descriptive with Extended and with RBR.ini and always they late. Can any body help me?
PS I dont have this problem with RBR.ini / RBR.ini. And I used my translated sounds...
Well I think there are enough samples how to use customized sounds.
Maybe you should try to start with the Rbr-Enhanced.ini, have a look into packages/additional/Rbr-Enhanced.ini.
There we added two custom sounds for MINUS/PLUS.
Make a copy of these ini files and customize them.

The only reason I can think of that your calls are too late is that the sound encoding is wrong.
Especially when not sticking to the 8 kHz Mono thing you will get into trouble.
All sounds used have to have the same format alltogether, otherwise it will not work properly.

Just follow the instructions.
The proper audio encoding is: 11025Hz sampling rate, mono, 16Bit or better floating point format (IEEE, 32Bit) as source for encoding the OGG-audio format. As far as I did try RBR doesn't care much on the ogg encoded data rate, just use best quality setting and you're fine. Most ogg encoders will pick something around 50-60 kbps as data rate for the settings above.
hi again :)
is possible move some pace notes (like "deep cut", "middle cut"...) to "modifier" category? And used in one called line like: "keep right deep cut"?
I try add them in modifier.ini but don't have result...
PS. I used Descriptive.ini with RBR.ini
Thanks for answer
The user interface and placement of notes is afair fully customizeable (but don't ask me how to do it, you have to fiddle around with various INI-files buried somewhere in the PaceNote folder; it's not such a mystery but you need to get an understanding of the way everything is laid out).

"keep right deep cut" can be called out by concatenating the two notes "keep right" and "deep cut": note concatenation, without an "and" or "in" in between, is described somewhere in the available docs. If I don't remember it correctly simply try it yourself and you should figure it out in a few minutes.
to combine notes it´s simple to do. Select a note and add a new one. This new note will follow the selected by 0,1m. Important, if you not want bonding (with into, onto, and ....) you must uncheck link note.
Be sure you don´t place 2 notes on same distance, otherwise notes could call turned or doubled.
RBR.ini allways calls original sounds from audio.dat ! If you have only one combobox changed, you get call from audio.dat and Plugin sound folder. It could happend, the sounds cut each other.

Ok, I make may all file and original files too with the same sound properties. When I drive with RBR.ini / RBR.ini with called time is ok, But when i try it with Descriptive.ini ( in same place where is more pace ntes) coodiver reading is late...
Did you also replace all the distance/range calls, like 50.ogg, 100.ogg ect., and changed the lower Combobox to "Extended.ini" or something like ?

Again: only a mixture of sound samples having different encodings will lead to calls not being synchronized properly.

Which encoding do you use exactly ?
For make my own samples, I used: "Audacity" (for recording and edit). Then all files (my and from plugin) resave with "Any Audio Converter" with the same properties. And finally have all files (original, and my own) with the same properties... (I try two or three different setup, but result the same. With hight and low quality)
First I try edit only original RBR pace notes and all is ok, Now when I try used edited pace notes with Descriptive.ini in some places, with more notes - reading is late and I see that in some places call distance is without any number. May it's affect of this I don't know... Or I put, to much notes, in close distances... :)
hi all, hi workerbe and Lamda...i'm nadir77, from crew of RBR-World

I'm the creator of most the packages pacenote/audio for RBR-world, and a little I know
First, congratulations for the plugin you have created. As I wrote on RBR + I think is the best plugin ever created for RBR to date.
realize their pacenotes is the essence of the rally.
Second thing: if you want the correct audio with audacity must register at 8000Hz in mono, not to have delays in reading
Third thing: as you know we have problems with our utilities, because we have check in game, your plugin has not been tested to date ... here I am
Forth thing: I extracted the contents of the archive in the plugins .... opening the original game can not find it among the options
Fifth thing: sorry for my english
Yes but with 8000 Hz quality is dramatic low and bad.., like in old, old radio :D
By the way - original pacenotes from RBR audio.dat, have - 16000 HZ and 16bit - mono of course, quality and it not so bad, if little tweak with equalizer...
you have RBR-WORLD ?.
All pacenotes are recording 8000HZ 16 mono

Only problem is the master file, more or less disturbed

Well, folks, we should discuss sound related issues in the corresponding thread.
Both of you are not exactly right with your recommendations concerning sound encoding.
See you there!

Forth thing: I extracted the contents of the archive in the plugins .... opening the original game can not find it among the options
Just follow the instructions given in the readme. I guess you do not have a current DirectX installation.
Guys, if you're running on Windows Vista or 7 and you have installed RBR in the standard location chosen by the game's installer AND you have not fixed access permissions / don't run as admin / didn't configure RBR to run in XP compatability mode THEN you are about to run into strange problems because RBR / Plugins won't be allowed to write to files in their native installation environment. Newer Windows UAC and file system virtualization are a pain in the ass for RBR. This doesn't explain everything but some strange things simply disappear when you install the game at some other location where your user account has full access rights (writing, creating and reading every file).

Read the supplied ReadMe.PaceNote.txt carefully. Don't use "The Beast" together with RBRdll, it won't work as Workerbee indicated clearly. Probably you should RTFM first, second RTFM and third: have fun with this fine plugin! It works perfectly if your RBR is configured properly and if the pacenote plugin has been setup properly, too!
I found this problem, but you can easy fix it - allow RBR run as administrator, then you program can make any save or modification of all files...