Overpass | New Trailer - Release February 2020

Does a delayed release equal a better game when it finally becomes available? Overpass sure think so.

The initial Overpass announcement was back on May 8th, and back then we all believed the physics based off road driving game would be hitting the stores around October 2019, however things wouldn't quite work out as planned during the development phase - and now the team are back and raring to go with a new release date of February 27th, 2020.

Pinning the blame for the delayed release on a desire to further improve the off road physics of the game, Zordix Games have recently come out with a new trailer for the improved title - and it looks very good indeed.

Check out the brand new physics trailer below:

Overpass Key Features:
  • A completely new, extreme off-road experience
  • Over 20 vehicles from top manufacturers, such as Yamaha, Arctic Cat and Suzuki
  • Realistic physics gives each vehicle and terrain unique characteristics
  • Over 40 technically demanding tracks across 6 environments with their own specific challenges
  • A full Career Mode: attract sponsors, manage your vehicles and organize your calendar to dominate the season
  • Local and online multiplayer modes, including a split screen mode, to share the experience and to challenge yourself against other players

Overpass will release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC February 27th 2020.

Got something to say about the game? Head over to the Overpass sub forum and start a thread!

Overpass Trailer 2.jpg
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looks like fun, though it seems like it will be quite arcadey compared to something like Mudrunner or Pure Rock Climbing...


Im looking forward to it so I'm happy for them to take all the time need to release a polished and functional game.

Dave Thayer

I will stick with mudrunner and spintires for my entertainment and challenges. Like another commenter said here, Would like to see more of the arcade type games provide VR capabilities, but that is just not gonna happen. Oh well. Back to my mudrunner game. take care.


I'd love to see this game combined with "kind-of" SpinTires technology.
This game could be fun, lineup looks interesting but damn please take care of the 3rd person camera!!
As well, I'd love to see 1st person view
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