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F1 2018 Overly agressive AI

F1 2018 The Game (Codemasters)
So my friend and I have been playing a championship and it's starting to get to us, how careless the AI is about contact. Watching in spectator it seems like they aren't being agressive per se, they are sticking to the racing line too accurately with no room to make their own decisions. This makes for dumb things that would never happen in an F1 race like dudes just straight pitting you out of a long corner by pushing your rear sideways. F1 isn't supposed to be a contact sport and these AI only seem to pay attention to each other, not the players and it's driving us nuts. We can get 1st, 2nd and win by 20 seconds with the AI set at 80. But if we get stuck in the pack somewhere we are basically guaranteed to get picked up and shoved into a wall.

Is there some way to mod the AI to make them seem less aggressive? I know it's probably an issue of the fact that they don't have much autonomy and will robotically stick to the race line no matter what, which ends badly for humans in the fray, but isn't there something we can do?

Sasha Jednak

Sasa Jednak
Could you give some videos about this? I didn't have to big problems with them. They are just as aggressive as it should, in my opinion. That pit move you mention can also be caused by you going back to racing line too soon.
For example, I had some moments, as Max-Kimi in Austria first lap last season, but no spins and pit moves you mention.