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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by John Jorell, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. John Jorell

    John Jorell

    As far as I know, URD (United Racing Design) is the only AC modding website that pays their customers well enough because of their quality.

    Now I stumbled on another modding website that also does paid mods too. It's called Assetto Drive.
    <mod-edit: link removed>

    Do you think this produced well made car mods? Are their mods quality made or crappy? What's your take on this.
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  2. SunBro


    They are mostly rips. Sorry to say this but urd is the only place that does scrath made paid mods :( there's also another porsche maker but they are shady. Plus we will soon get the real thing. Soo... yeah. Urd is alone in the paid mod playground.
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  3. John Jorell

    John Jorell

    I've tried one of them so to be sure but yeah, some of their physics have to be reworked completely because most of them I find it too grippy or they easily lose traction, therefore making them undriveable. Though it's really to hard to tell if it's a rip or not at all, at least a single car purchase for me is enough.
  4. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    The semi-ripped 911 GT3 Cup from Assetto991 is actually darn good.

    I supposed they stopped working on the latest Cayman GT4 Clubsport as the likelyhood of Kunos bringing that car as well is pretty high.

    But the GT3 Cup car is brilliant. If you want a great car in between GT3 and GT4 speed then the car is what you need. It's actually one of my top 3 favorite cars (stock & mods).
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  5. RC45


    His cars are pretty decent. The models are good, the textures and materials used nice and he often updates or adds extra options.

    Look, he is not doing anything that you couldn't - source/create the 3D models, put them through Blender or some other 3D app, map textures, animate pieces, assemble some sounds with FMOD, tweak the car, create and map the dummy's for putting the car in game, provide a physics foundation then publish the car.

    I have got a number of his cars - the way I look at is I could spend time scratch "ripping" the cars or start with what he has done. For me the $6 for a couple cars that I would like to enjoy is well worth it and as I say he updates them with newer tyre models, tweaked 3D models, better materials and textures and even sounds.

    Here is his Carrera GT, updated recently(2 days ago I believe) - I think this is the 3rd time the car has been updated. It is a great car now, has been setup to behave as close to stock as possible. I made these videos last night.

    <mod-edit: links removed, videos go to RaceTube and these links somewhat full under promotion of illegal mods>
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  6. The Stig™

    The Stig™
    Some say his heart beat is measured in RPM

    Bumping because I recently purchased some of the cars from the place mentioned in OP (Not URD). I was very skeptical but some of my buddies convinced me to do it. I can tell you, all the cars that I got were AMAZING (Ferrari Enzo, McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Ferrari 599 GTO, BMW M5 F10). Not just that they were super detailed and had full interiors with great sounds, but the physics were spot on. Did some comparisons to actual lap times and acceleration specs and they were nearly identical. So whatever he's doing, he's doing right. They also provide updates and most of their cars are already on tire model V10. I will hold off on the Porches until I see the full Kunos lineup but to anyone saying the physics are bad and they are just cheap Forza rips has never tried his mods (The ones you find for free on google are way out of date)

    Just because a mod is not listed on RD doesn't mean it's a rip. Unless you have absolute proof it's a rip, be open to the possibility that there are some people who choose not to work for 'free' and charge for the content they create.
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