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Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Spinelli, Apr 3, 2016.

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    I finally have my OSW setup where I can spend proper time with it rather than just tests. The first game is FTruck...

    Does anyone have any OSW settings for FTruck? ATM, everything is reacting wayyyy too aggressively, snappy, and fast. The wheel is way too sharp and instantaneous during oversteer slides and sometimes the wheel literally drives on it's own. I don't even have to hold the wheel and it will just automatically do perfect oversteer corrections as if a perfect robot/computer is driving for me.

    Also, there is a lot of force going on but at the wrong times. I have the wheel trying to break my wrists while correcting oversteer.

    There is just too much wheel acceleration and speed going on and at the wrong times. I am only playing with around 7 Nm or so. I have the wheel set for around 16 or 17 Nm but only using around 35% overall force in MMos and 75% in-game @ "Low".

    Sometimes, on the return-steering-back-to-centre part of oversteer, the wheel snaps back to centre so instantaneously, sharp, and fast.

    There is nothing realistic about these behaviors and I am having a harder time with the wheel trying to kill me but in all sorts of unrealistic ways rather than just driving the car with a strong/powerful-but-realistic wheel.

    Everything seems like it's on hyper mode and the wheel is behaving in a very gimmicky way like it's trying to show off it's power, acceleration, and speed but in wrong, unrealistic ways :(

    - Large Mige

    -16.3xx A
    - TBW @ 4xx and 6xx Hz (tried both)
    - Setpoint @ 40/50 and 100/100 (tried both)

    - Overall @ 30%, 35%, 40% (tried all three)
    - Filtering 0-31% (I tried all sorts of different values)
    - Minimum 0%
    - Tried all sorts of different Damper and Inertia values but I had "User Effect" set to off so I guess those weren't working according to Jason's post below (Marh 30, 2:55 AM) so maybe that's what I need to do.

    - FFB @ 75%
    - FFB effects @ Low ("purest" forces)
    - Steering ratio is 33 degrees of vehicle/tyres and 1080 degrees physical steering wheel (MMos)
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