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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Spinelli, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Spinelli


    Testing with F301 and F309 (Formula 3 cars) @ Brasilia short. I raised both cars' MaxForceAtSteeringRack to -6000. The F309 barely goes past 3000 (other than some extremely quick moments - probably curbs) but I raised it any way as it can potentially give more dynamic range.

    I still can't get rid of the massive stiffness and massive return spring of the OSW. The wheel isn't free to move with tons of macro and micro corrections because you're almost always either doing 1 of two 2 things: holding the wheel hard in one place (after you're done your turn-in) since the OSW wants to spring back to centre with massive force, or you're preventing the wheel from returning to centre too quickly on exit. This forces me to drive in a very static, smooth way - turn the wheel for the corner, then unwind on exit, and repeat; there's hardly any micro and macro corrections going on because the wheel always has a constant force resisting any movements rather than only outputting those high forces at appropriate times. Instead of controlling and "battling" the car, you're more-so controlling and "battling" the steering wheel.

    Also, it feels like there isn't much range of forces. It's like the 40-100% strength range of the game's FFB is all being output by the wheel in the 90-100% strength range. It's like there's only 3 or 4 forces, low, medium, and high with 80% of the driving and 80% of all FFB effects occurring in the high range.

    P.S. I hit the inside of a curb (second last corner at Brasilia short) and spun and the insane return-spring of the OSW made me have to let go of the rim just from spinning or else it felt like it wanting to bend my wrists in half. This is not realistic. The wheel should not be outputting such massive forces all the time. It was just a harmless spun.

    How can I make the FFB strong yet realistic in Automobilista?
  2. Roman1987



    I had the same feeling/issue mostly with 3rd party mods to be honest. Overall I reduced the maximum amount of ffb strength (50-60 %, Pure 360 hz) in game and this works for me with standard content pretty fine. I still experience some issues with some of the mods but I guess this can be fixed by editing the real feel parameters for each car.

    Hope this helps