ORR 2 2.10 by Madcowie

Nov 19, 2007
:fwd: amazing cars:) so funny

ORR 2 includes new modelled truck and also long and short versions of Crandon.

ORR 2 New and Improved

Truck (modelled by Landon Harrison and then further modifications made by myself, Badping, Pete Walsh and Mack Mechanic)

Wheels By Solographix, Major Parts and Mack Mechanic

Skins pretty much all of them made by Mack Mechanic except a few which were also made by Mark Zeidler, Dawg, Badping and Pete Walsh)

We pretty much have every truck from the real life series painted.

All new damage model (pretty much all falls apart) but has strong suspension.

Physics - Mark Zeidler (The king from ORR 1) This time we have a little more grip and softer landings.

Seperate physics for CORRai. (Hopefully you wont miss the sign on the spinner)

p.s Heres the link to the skin http://www.mediafire.com/?5xay9t1igsx


Version 2.1 released

In this version we have new physics which give better grip, softer landings (again), better tire wear, stronger engines for impact.

3 New truck skins

All this is being released for Beat the Cow which starts here this friday on 5 new tracks.