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Optimisation and overall impressions

Discussion in 'Copa Petrobras de Marcas' started by Rixamus Hart, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Rixamus Hart

    Rixamus Hart

    I just wanted to give a quick 'first impressions' on graphics optimisations and feel of GPdM.

    Due to better optimisation, or some other factor(s) I have much better frame rate in this game compared to GSCE v1.15 on same system. I can turn settings up from Low > Med, / Med > High / > Full for some settings, and add one more level of AA up to level 2 (anything above level 3 seems to make no difference on my graphics card but has massive impact (AA sometimes a placebo at best for some gamers) with x8 or x16 anisotropic with a full grid of cars. x8 AF looks just the same as x16 when driving, so why bother.....

    The graphics are optimised much better (for me) than GSCE v.1.21 in comparison. On the same settings I use in GSCE v1.15, I can actually turn the texture detail, track detail, a.i and player level, shadows and special effects up. ( I can't use GSCE v.1.21 because the constant stuttering at any settings and graphic level [except unofficial mods] due to the (IMO) pointless sky box changes, which at best I never look at anyway, I'm still annoyed at that tbh). I say this but the skies in this game are nice, very little clouds, nice hues of yellow, orange, some purple and violet too near sunset.

    The look of the tracks are really vibrant, and track-side trees look better as do the garages (nice colours!). The skies have less clouds which i prefer (no clouds best, wish we could turn them off, clear skies better on the brain when simulating movement IMO).

    I use 'time % x2' so I get nice dusk / night settings mid-way through to the end of a 35 lap race starting at 2.30 P.M, or starting at 3:30 -5 A.M and driving through dawn into a crisp clear morning is also really nice (try it!). The lighting I turned down in the .plr file (the same as GSCE from 256 to 20). Track load times are ~ 20 secs approx, same as GSCE/FT basically.

    The music and presentation are some of the best in any sim game. The colour co-ordination is really nice, sleek, modern, with simmin' vibes from the music, great theme tune, nice track loading screens. The buzz I get when I hear the music for GSCE, which gives me vivid images of the V8 beasts like steam trains in the night.....is a very important aspect for building anticipation for the racing for me. In this game, the music suits the cars and kind of infers a notion of slower but energetic, more 'sleek' racing.

    I do wish we could set FoV in-game to get it inch perfect; having to leave testing/back into menus, change, load, repeat.....it's a minor annoyance but an important gaming immersion factor. I can do this in replays with the GSCE modded u.i, why not in game?

    It is hard to see the odometer in some of the cars (Toyota), AND see near level with the dash/bonnet at the same time; moving the seat backwards makes it so you are too far back, just to see the odometer info (limiter/position/lap/fuel etc), The hud is the same as GSCE/FT. Could do with some transparency settings on the HUD's though.

    I am using 60 % fov. in 1680 x 945 resolution which seems to be better, but I am tweaking as I go.

    Also, the cars need a lot of tweaking from default set ups. Pre-load, coast and power for a start needs changing quite a bit, digital steering setting in the 'controls no 2 window' down to 12-15 %, and the steering lock in G1 up to 20-22, seems to drive nicer - also breaking power up, some break balance to suit tracks a must, rebounds needs tweaking up or down to suit your driving style.

    Thank you to Reiza and Petrobras for the free game, makes up for not being able to play v1.21 GSCE due to the sky changes (considering I bought x3 copies). I hope once the development cycle is over we can have this and FT in one installation with GSCE Gold or something. Annoying having the tracks three times over, mods doubled up, HD space is not infinite. We need to reduce entropy not add to it !! :D

    - R.

    P.S, no rFm? I can't change Championship scene order or points?. This is a massive annoyance - albeit a 'gaming' one. Forgetting the game genre for a moment, games are about personal choice, particularly in sim racing off-line. As much as sim racers would have you believe, it is just a 'game'. Unlock it from the EXE please.

    P.P.S I really dislike Interlagos with that 'chicane'. Just NO NO NO to that. It is just as bad as that monstrosity at Imola that Villeneuve helped design :D. Grrrr ***

    ** Had to have a little moan, it's sunday and I have multitude of mundane chores (don't have kids), I'd normally blame the dog, but ya know....
  2. Guilherme Borghezani

    Guilherme Borghezani

    great review
    and interlagos without chicane is very good
    someone convert interlagos gp to marcas???
  3. Alex Franchini

    Alex Franchini

    Only ran a short race in the Chevrolet, and it's pretty good. In terms of graphics it looks pretty much the same as GSCE to me, though I did get a hint of stuttering.

    I also like the presentation, while the UI is basic the color scheme works well. Oh, and I prefer the HUD to the GSCE one.
  4. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    This free addition is very good. Thank you Rieza.

    Racedepartment club races would be good with this game, unmodded and with fixed setups. That would be cool once multiplayer comes.
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