Optimal working temperatures

Eric. K

Are the optimal working temperatures for things like engine, tyres, brakes, etc. published anywhere? Any other basic info about the car (power curve, etc...) available as well?

It's easy to find this values in the physic's files :

Tyres : 95º C (both soft and hard)
Optimul Oil Temp : 106,7º C
Max. Power : 723 Hp @ 17.500 rpm
Max. Torque : 306,5 Nm @ 16.000 rpm
Optimal brake temp : 350-950º C
Although, you don't need to worry about most of these things much, because we're using rFactor. :wink:
Like tyres, you have to use rather low pressures like 115-105, or lower, without much care for the temps. About the engine you can't do anything because cooling (RAD) is fixed in the Mod, same with the brakes.
Other setup advice is rather simple, use a pretty soft rear suspension and a soft-medium front suspension. Check the rideheight, maybe see what 3rd springs do to it ;). Then, find the best wing levels and put the gears. The rest is details which only bring you hundreth's, maybe some few tenth's (only important in WC and top WS imho). Driving is more important.

Now I hope I was allowed to say that without my team killing me. :wink:
It's basic rFactor stuff though, you use it with almost any Mod, as tiring as it is. No secret.
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