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F1 2018 online

F1 2018 The Game (Codemasters)
so i decide to try online for the first time since i bought the game, first race get rammed 2 times on opening lap purposely. is there anyone playing this game seriously? i dont mind a real accident but the online is frustrating as f**k
I was going to try online yesterday then realized I needed to sign up for online PlayStation action. From what I had already read, I couldn’t bring myself to pay for it based on fear of what you just described.

Going to get GTS soon and I’ll sign up for online then as there seems to be a rating system that promotes ethical racing. When I get around to that, I’ll try online F1 too. Maybe F1 2019 will have improvements in this respect??

Ok, by the looks of it, there are race leagues for F1 2018 on PS4 where racers would actually be taking this seriously and racing with sportsmanship and etiquette?? Is that what I’m seeing via your link? Awesome, if so!

While I didn’t spend too long looking, (bed time here), it looks to be lots of UK times which won’t work for me as I’m in Canada. Guessing that there would probably be a North American League for PS4 our there somewhere. Very interesting and promising!

How good does one need to be before joining a league? I’ve only been at it for a month but am progressing pretty steadily. Racing competitively in the McLaren at AI 60, no assists other than pit and auto transmission (due to controller but wheel arrives this week). I only know 4 tracks so far, (following the real F1 season) so that would need to change, of course. Oh man, this is a exciting!