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  1. Nico2584


    Hi Guys
    So I finally got the PlayStation Plus activated...:geek:
    For the record, I believe I can post decent lap times in 'championship mode' :laugh:
    Went to standard sprint in multiplayer mode to see how things go!!!
    *Damage ON
    *Antilock Brakes ON
    *Traction Control ON
    *Brake Assist OFF
    *Collisions ON

    To start off, these blokes think the idea of F1 is like that game called "destruction derby" I think...what a bloody mess:poop:
    Out of my 15 starts, I think I made it ONCE past the first corner; SPA and MONZA are very good examples to create chaos:roflmao:

    I am not to sure if I am racing against guys on different consoles & PC, but geez...I am loosing like 1 second PER SECTOR against these guys.

    Is this even possible???

    My 2 favourite tracks, Canada & Russia I thought I would ACE...just to end up 3rd and 2nd respectively. Canada I finished 20 seconds behind the leader and Russia was 9 seconds.

    Surely I cannot be THAT bad???? I am using the PS4 controller BTW.

    anyone experiencing this? lol