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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Boby Kim, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Boby Kim


    For the last two evenings i started a dedicated server for myself and two friends. I have done the same this evening. We are practising the PCCA 2007 Asian CUP on China.
    The first evening my friends were running 2:06's were i had difficulties reaching 2:07's.
    Yesterday evening i suddenly raced low 2:06's were my friends were not able to race 2:06'and they were stuck within the 2:07's.
    This evening im running 2:07 and it is impossible to get into the 2:06's. My friend is even running 2:08....very frustrating.
    Besides all physiological effects i do not believe that my friend is running 2:06 at one evening and the following evening he is not able to get into the 2:07's.

    All aids are completely off except auto clutch. Can this problem be due to lag on the server?

    Grtz Boby