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    I've been on the lookout for a comprehensive list of the individual characteristics of each team when running in equal mode in online races. I believe that each car has the same handling characteristics of the Red Bull, but each team has a trait.
    I have been unable find a complete list. Can any1 fill me in?
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    Yeah he could have searched for that but would it have answered his question? errr I don't think so!!
    I believe he wants to know what set-up adjustments each car needs to fully exploit equal mode (handling) top speed and acceleration are well covered on various sites but pretty meaningless to be honest. Red Bull did OK with poor top speed in 2011 did they not?

    Evan, I think you need to look at camber/toe and roll bars.
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    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

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    While there is a lot of talk about straight line performance etc etc there is no word about cars handling in equal performance (also a setup difference). I was driving a week in Nurburgring online in different cars (not all, unfortunately), so i can tell a little story.
    First of all, Red Bull. This car is already very fast on default setup. What you need to bang top times is increase wings, springs, camber and thats it. Maybe a little tweaks to balance, brake pressure/balance to suit individual driving style.
    Sauber, also a very fast car by default. Practically same setup as Red Bull, just maybe +1 click on front toe.
    Lotus (Caterham). Appeared to be a very strange car. Very slow in qualifying, some 2 seconds off the pace. Both front and rear toe in must be 0.05/0.20 otherwise it is very understeering. In the race it was a different story. Very solid, very stable, surprisingly fast, kind on tyres and fuel. It looks like DRS is just very ineffective in this car, maybe the reason why it is so slow in Q. I won a race in this car which surprised myself a lot.
    HRT. Everyone's favorite car. Front toe must be 0.05 while rear 0.50. Looks pretty weird but does the job.
    Lotus-Renault (black car). Front toe must be 0.10 while rear 0.20 otherwise it's just impossible to drive because front end turns in too early and too much.
    Virgin. I was a bit distracted how in-car wheel turns, but overall handles pretty same as Red Bull, maybe rear toe -1 click.

    All cars with Renault engine: they lack torque when revs are in white zone. It's best to shift in red zone or even green and change gear settings appropriately.
    Ferrari engine: best torque between red and white zone.
    Cosworth engine: good smooth torque almost in all zones.
    Merceds: didn't tested.

    If someone can add thoughts i appreciate.
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    the HRT seems to be quite a 'pointy' car, twitchy and responsive, completely opposite to the Toro Rosso and the Lotus-Renault. The sauber, lotus, virgin, williams and FI all seem to be quite similar, almost 'boaty'. This might all be in my head, but I think there is some truth to at least some of it.
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    That straight line thing was the easiest way to prove that there are actually differences. Other things like steering and handling are quite subjective per driver.
    Some characteristics (my opinion)
    Force India: Tough car on accelerating out of slow corners. I find it oversteery a bit, but others report understeering.
    HRT: Fast allround car, and very easy accelerating out of slow corners.
    Red Bull: Kinda slow and dull, but stable car. Seems to me that this car doesn't profit from slipstream as much as other cars, like FI or HRT.
    Virgin: Ok car overall, but its chassis seems to be slightly lower or something else is weird. Car jumped in the chicane after DRS at Nurburgring, when touching the kerbs slightly with the tyres. Haven't tested at other circuits, but I expect some more tricky kerbstones for Virgin.
    Mercedes: understeery from what I remember of it.