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oNiD Community Racing on SGP - ACC/AC Events for All

Updated June 16th, 2021:
Upcoming Endurance Event:
ACC - 4 HRS of Brands Hatch GT3
Date: Saturday, July 3rd - 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM UK Time
Format: 15m P / 15m Q / 240m R - 3 Mandatory Stops
Teams of 2
Registration and full event details:

Upcoming Championship Leagues:
ACC - oNiD GT3 World Series
Date: Sundays beginning June 27th at 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM UK Time*
Format: 60m P / 10m Q / 75m R (Quali sets race position for both races)
Registration and full championship details: https://beta.simracing.gp/championships/wHeqGEotWSJtNr3p2IQCH

*Every participant is required to complete at least one evaluation race prior to round 1 (feel free to join us for both, and even if you can't participate in the league!)
Eval Race 1 Imola - June 12th: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/4rQss9cCb62SOeVi0c7z0
Eval Race 2 Nurburgring - June 27th: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/LIRXZ66tS4tljzaML1e1b

ACC - oNiD British GT4 Sprint Series
Date: Tuesdays beginning June 29th at 7:30 PM UK Time*
Format: 30m P / 15m Q / 2 x 25m R (Quali sets race position for both races)
Registration and full championship details: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/5Ecn9KyVeGqEPqgxkt7Vf#event-configuration

*Every participant is required to complete at least one evaluation race prior to round 1 (feel free to join us for both, and even if you can't participate in the league!)
Eval Race 1 - June 15th: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/GwXRM1h3JfWOR4ura00TM
Eval Race 2 - June 22nd: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/k-eDg5fTMyJVdcbCq0FNj

AC - MX5 Cup with SIMstuff
Date: Mondays beginning June 14th* at 7:45 PM UK Time
Format: Race 1 - 15m P / 10m Q / 15m R
Race 2 - 5m P / 25m Q / 25m Feature Race
Registration and full championship details: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/LqUnVEejxlh5dUmsdRH1_
*Registration open all season! If you'd like to join after the season starts, simply message an admin on Discord!

Upcoming Social Events:
ACC - Monza Mini-Enduro Mixed Class GT3/GT4 - oNiD Social Race
Date: Sunday, June 20th - 2:45 PM EST / 7:45 PM UK Time
Format: 15m P / 15m Q / 90m R - 2 Mandatory Stops (tires optional)
Registration and full event details:

AMS2 - oNiD 24 Laps of Daytona (GT Layout)
Date: Wednesday, June 23rd - 8 PM UK Time
Format: 24 Lap Race - 1 Mandatory Stop
Car Classes: DPi, GTE

Sign-up: https://forms.gle/JrFfsJigMmDgYpUJA
Roster: https://biturl.top/3aQnmy
*For more info/any questions, please join our Discord

Where to find us:
Discord*: https://discord.gg/d9AgKNHpMD
simracing.gp events calendar (all): https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/g47Vq6SRP43uHmUqwYchG#events
Race Department forum: you're already here! Subscribe to this forum to get notified when new events are posted!


*Discord is our main method of communicating with community members including announcing and managing events and championships. For this reason, we do require membership to our Discord to participate in our events.

Coming soon: Leagues to be run on Automobilista 2! Join our Discord for the latest news and announcements!
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Happy weekend to all, hope you guys are having a good one so far! Just wanted to extend the invite to anyone looking for some racing action tomorrow. This is a good opportunity to have a laugh and see what we're all about!

oNiD Sunday Social GT3 at Spa
Practice: 2:45 PM EST / 18:45 UTC - 15 Min
Qualifying: 3:00 PM EST / 19:00 UTC - 15 Min
Race: 3:15 PM EST / 19:15 UTC 45 Min
One mandatory pit stop for fuel only, tires optional

Register for the event on simracing.gp here: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/Yl1kW9rrkHypxaNpYoZXp#cars
oNiD Purple.png

The rapidly growing oNiD racing community are doing a night of AC racing in a couple of classic 90s BTCC racers!

You can find the 2 races on SGP...

Friday 14th May 2021 - 8pm UK
Silverstone National

Race 1:
15 mins practice 15 laps race
BMW 320i BTCC - Free mod linked from event on SimGP
Grid set at random!

Race 2:
10 mins practice 30 laps race
Nissan Primera 1999 BTCC - Free mod linked from event on SimGP
Grid set from finishing positions of race 1


Hello everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!

I'd like to extend one last invite to you fine people to participate in our next oNiD ACC Championship. Tomorrow's evaluation race will mark the end of signups for the next season. We already have a strong field of familiar faces, and few new ones as well! Even if you cannot or do not plan to participate in the league, we do encourage people to join tomorrow's evaluation if you're new to oNiD Racing!

Paul Ricard Evaluation Race - Sunday, May 9th

Practice: 15 Min at 2:45 PM EST / 7:45 PM UK

Qualifying: 15 Min at 3 PM EST / 8:00 PM UK

Race 1: 30 Min at 3:15 PM EST / 8:15 PM UK

Race 2: 30 Min at about 3:45 PM / 8:45 PM UK (Random Grid)

Sign up for the evaluation race here: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/AiOFyLvLKj_j0FLor_cMw

The evaluation race is mandatory for participation in the Championship season. We use this event to evaluate your on-track awareness and safety. Pace is not important and all respectful drivers are welcome.

Round one of the Championship will be the following Sunday, May 16th at the same time as above.

Sign up for the season here: https://beta.simracing.gp/championships/qFxYFFK-OTSyEIC4l6BBy#registration

As always we do encourage all participants to join the oNiD Racing Discord for important event news and announcements. oNiD Racing Discord invite here: https://discord.gg/QGapPpd6MQ
Bump! GT3 Championship and oNiD Enduro Announced in OP! Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far!

See you on track!
Updated to include the 24 Laps of Daytona event to be run on AMS2!

Note: I'll be on vacation for the next week+ so I won't be updating this during that time. For the latest oNiD events, announcements and news - jump on our Discord to keep up with the latest!

See you on track!
Bump for the Mixed-Class Monza Mini-Enduro Social in a few hours! All are welcome!

See original post at the top of this thread for more details and to sign up!