One of the best SIM racing experiences I ever had.

Miguel Batista

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Jun 2, 2011
Just had an amazing SIM racing experience with what is arguably a mediocre car. The Formula C.

Begun playing this game recently thanks to some new FFB files a chap posted here (forgot his name sorry) and began a new career in the Formula C which is not a great car but these new ffb files make it an ok experience (certainly had a lot worse In this sim and others).

3rd race. Practice session Imola. Pouring down with rain, track is wet. Since I have some experience with rain in this game decide to take the stable setup so the car is more manageable. Take car out for a spin, oh boy... no grip at all. Car has that floaty feeling and is behaving like if I am on ice... no ffb feeling, Car understeers into the corner, oversteers out of it, understeers again as I push the throttle pedal... fearful it was going to turn into "one of those" pcars moments. I do notice that my front wheels are locking up as soon as I touch the breaks. Hum...

What happened next was about an hour of awesomeness as I began to tweak my car. I began by lowering break pressure and talk with the race engineer for him to lower rear downforce slightly and increase front suspension stiffness.
Take the car out and some of the feeling on the steering wheel is back (nani?) And car is behaving a lot better. Still too floaty for my taste so I adjust ARB and brake bias on the fly to test for a different balance. Once I took about 4 points of forward BB and soften rear ARB a bit car feels even better so I bring it into the pits again and get to work on the setup and make these adjustments permanent! I Lower the brake pressure yet again too as I noticed that once I pushed I was still locking the front wheels a bit too quickly and I also increased front downforce a bit more to get a snappier front. Then I notice that the car's centre of mass is tending towards the rear. I move it forwards by a few clicks and get out. WOW! fun feeling is back in full force, I can feel the road again and the car is driving a lot faster round corners. It was absolutely phenomenal. Never have I felt a setup change in a car having such a great impact in overall performance. It went from being slow and undrivable to being back to its average self but I can get the road feeling through the ffb and feel what the car is doing a lot better. I can push into the cprners and just need tp be aware of aquaplaning but there is not much tp be done about that. Still working on the wet setup but this is going to be an awesome race. Next I will adjust tyre camber to gain a bit more traction and work more heat into the tyres as right now I struggle to keep the warm. Well done project Cars 2. You are quickly becoming my favourite sim.
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Jason Mullin

Mar 3, 2018
Had an incredible door to door 3 way fight for 4th tonight @ Monza running the Audi GT3.
This sim say what you wish but damn there is some intense racing with talented drivers out there to be had.

Another fantastic example of immersive sim racing is the Audi Event 2 in the manufacturers drive.
The sky is a mean stormy blue as it fades to night at Nurburgring Sprint.

I'm racing PC2 more and more in anticipation of AMS 2.
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I hate VR. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Oct 2, 2010
I have just an incredible race at Fuji, GT3 and one mandatory pitstop. It was really good and is surprisingly better than ACC in my opinion. I was running in 6th place for ages and then made a mistake which put me out of the race on the last lap. Great stuff.

Even the damage modeling is so much better.
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