OMSI 2 Bus sim releases 11/12!

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    Also, now on Steam, recommend that one due to Workshop mods.

    Finally! Since ETS2 has a forum, i think at least a thread is in order for the king of civic driving sims, now in version 2 after a long wait.

    If you don't know OMSI yet (shame) it is a complete simulation of 80s and early 90s bus transport in Berlin. The level of simulation is way above anything else, it is really the flight simulator of the driving genre. Realism is key, going from the fact that the buses are carefully simulated including ALL buttons and switches and mechanical oddities, to the fact that you begin a session by entering your driver id and route on the bus computer/fareticket machine and set your billboards (manually, mind you...).

    Also, the Spandau region is carefully recreated, including contemporary cars and pedestrians.

    To use simracing terms, ETS2 would be simcade and OMSI hardcore sim. The feel is awesome, especially in the new OMSI2. As a fan i got it on release of course and if you fancy something very special, i suggest you should too.

    It is notoriously difficult of course as it needs you to (still) learn proper routines and observe them, including operating the fare machine etc.

    But as stated, realism is key.

    For instance, in the winter you feel the bus being slower and stiffer while still cold, and you can feel the gearbox struggle with hills and ice patches, not just imagination wise, but actually feel the mechanics.

    Good to see in 2 also, that as a simulation fan, i still find OMSI to be the king of civic simulators.

    The mod scene for 1 was huge and now that 2 has Steam and is a Steamworks title, it will be even more.

    To see the Rathaus lit by streetlamps on a dim rainy 80s evening, just before the fall of the great wall, while navigating the busy weekend traffic in my trusty old omnibus, heading home from a stint... Only ten minutes behind schedule today, damn taxi traffic. It is indeed a great experience for the mind.

    Try it. If you do, what's your take on it?
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