Om Weg 2.0

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    Om Weg 2.0

    "Suddenly I was tired of braking.

    Accelerate, brake for the next corner, accelerate, brake... I just wanted to drive somewhere, at maximum speed. See what that car can do, how it behaves at max speed, and if you can have good racing at max speed.

    So I built a 47 Km long racetrack. Ok, there are some corners, it is a closed circuit, but they are high speed corners. More like bends in the road. I used landmarks as apex markers. And you will need them, those bends can surprise you. Warning signs indicate when one is coming up.

    There is room for 50* cars. Real fun to do drafting, high speed tuning and endurance racing at those speeds. And strangely relaxing at the same time. Until the next bend."
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