older mercedes?


Couldn't see what you wanted as Google didn't translate it.

There ar some mercs on tracciontesars (sic).
the merc 280 or 230 lol is what i as after any old merc from that era i love the 280 230 is ok
anyone got any details on the one in the picture of any idea about converting it ?
sorry i wasnt clear to any potential browsers i noticed a pic on tt of a merc 280 and wondered who had converted it and if their was a copy floating around or it was released somewhere i just havent found it i happen to like the 280 and the 230 and was just curious about it in relation to racer


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Hmm, it's so hard to work out where the sentence ends and where it begins...

Nah, sorry, no idea. Probably just another private conversion.
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