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Old RBR modding threads (merged)

Discussion in 'RBR Mods' started by Sheldon Cooper, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. misiek911


    Woho its done! Time to finish winter :)
  2. WorkerBee


    Downloads: A new file has been added by WorkerBee:

    RBR FixUp Patch Plugin 1.7

    New features in version 1.7:
    * center and scale menus, dialogs, hud to 4:3

    FixUp Patch (Version 1.7) for RBR 1.02 SSE and RBRDLL v1.3

    This patch plugin for Richard Burns Rally fixes some known problems in RBR,
    removes a few limitations and enhances some dialogs.

    1. Sound Buffer Fix
    The internal sound buffer is too small to hold the sound data to be played,
    e.g. front end music, service park music, pace note calls etc.
    From time to time this buffer is filled with more data than initially
    allocated so memory located right after this buffer gets corrupted.
    Depending on which object or data is located in the corrupted memory region
    more or less strange things may happen, e.g. crashes or freezes.

    So, this is where the patch applies. It convinces RBR to use a bigger buffer,
    large enough to hold the sound data.

    2. RBRDLL Pace Note Editor and Plugin Loading Fix
    a) The pace note editor has some hard-coded values checking the stage number.
    So only stages having numbers in the standard RBR range could be edited.
    Generally this should be no problem, but as RBRDLL does not handle the
    out-of-range stages correctly (Message: Error loading pace notes...) there are
    crashes when loading the next stage. Here an internally allocated buffer is
    freed twice which may work from time to time but often leads to crashes.
    This patch removes that limitation and as a result, the related crashes.

    b) On some machines starting the game via RBRDLL.exe may fail if the
    tournament plugin RBRTM is installed due to some anti-cheat protection in the
    plugin's initialization routine.
    This patch fixes RBR's plugin loading routine to bypass RBRDLL's interference
    so plugins are being loaded correctly again.

    3. Setup Slots and Setup Naming
    The original RBR has a limit of 3 setup slots and restricts the name of a
    setup to 10 characters.
    This patch enhances the number of setup slots to 127 and allows for a setup
    name to be 31 characters.
    The dialogs to select or save a setup respectively have been enhanced to show
    10 setups at once.

    4. Replay Lists and Replay Naming
    The original RBR limited the name of a replay to 13 characters.
    This patch allows for the replay name to be entered when saving to be 31
    characters in length.
    The replay list dialog has been enhanced to show 20 replays at once, the name
    column is much wider than before.

    5. Service Park
    Due to an error in the implementation the 'Manager Advice' in the service park
    didn't work as expected. Also the number of mechanics wasn't taken into
    account properly. This patch fixes these problems.

    6. Aspect Ratio (Widescreen Support)
    The original RBR uses a fixed 4:3 aspect ratio for drawing. On widescreen
    hardware the objects drawn on screen get distorted due to the aspect ratio
    being 16:9 or 16:10 (actually XRes / YRes).
    This patch fixes the aspect ratio being used for drawing to be XRes / YRes.
    Note: the dialogs (game menues) still get distorted, no proper way (and no
    need) to fix that.
    This fix may be disabled if you'd like to use other programs to fix the aspect
    ratio (see "Configuration").

    7. Fullscreen Window
    When running RBR in fullscreen mode the game uses the entire screen to draw
    on, but you can't switch back to the desktop without screwing up the game.
    When running RBR in windowed mode you always get the window decorations
    (titlebar, menu icon, close button etc) surrounding the window, but would be
    able to switch to another application.
    This patch allows you to run RBR in fullscreen windowed mode without the
    annoying window decorations. Switching to another application is then possible.
    To use this new mode you have to configure "Fullscreen=false" in
    This fix may be disabled if you'd like to use other programs to run in windowed
    mode (see "Configuration").

    8. Vertical Synchronization (V-SYNC)
    The fullscreen window mode revealed a bug in the sound processing when v-sync
    is disabled. Especially on tarmac there are weird tyre sounds, in service
    park there is some strange noise as well.
    This patch allows you to specify whether to set the v-sync mode and if v-sync
    should be enabled (the default) or disabled (see "Configuration").
    It is recommended to enable the fix and to enable v-sync for a better gaming
    Note: this fix is independent of the Fullscreen Window fix.

    9. Head Gasket Durability
    When driving with realistic damage settings the head gasket might get damaged
    more than one would expect, especially on long tracks (e.g. Noiker).
    With this fix you can specify how much longer the head gasket resists the
    damage (see "Configuration").
    Note: actually the calculation of the head gasket damage is kind of voodoo and
    involves some randomness. With this fix you should be able to get rid of this
    annoying behavior.

    10. Center and Scale Dialogs and HUD/Dash to 4:3
    When your screen resolution (XRes/YRes) is not equal to one of the native
    resolutions 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024, usually the dialogs are
    distorted and widened by the RBR graphics engine to fit the screen.
    This fix centers the view (dialogs and HUD) and sets the width to match the
    height in a 4:3 ratio.
    XRes=1680 YRes=1050 (16/10) ==> view = 1400 x 1050 (4/3) centered on screen
    x-position of view: (1680 - 1400) / 2 = 140 (pixels)
    As the view's width is set to (4/3 * YRes), the corresponding
    dash/minidash.ini files will be used by RBR to draw the HUD. In the example
    above the digidash_1280.ini (1400 greater 1280 but less than 1600) would be
    used instead of digidash.ini (1680 greater 1600).
    This fix may be disabled (see "Configuration").
  3. John Cunningham

    John Cunningham

    again the question about the headgasket fix...?
  4. WorkerBee


    Dear John,

    the answer is still the same. The french guys deploy the predecessor version (1.6) with their latest update.
    Obviously they are not bothered by the head gasket optimization.

    As far as I remember only few tournaments are driven with realistic damage and only then any headgasket damage is being calculated by RBR using kinda Voodoo formula involving even some random values.

    Personally I think the RBR guys were wrong in this context. Screwing up the engine after, say 7 km into Noiker, definitely is NOT realistic.
    This seems to be one of the several (or many, depending on the POV) bugs in the original RBR.
    Don't get me wrong, the RBR developers were pretty skilled, but due to time
    and money issues some features were not finished and/or tested appropriately,
    some disabled in the final product etc.

    Onkel Guenni
  5. John Cunningham

    John Cunningham

  6. WorkerBee


  7. GallardoGT


    How can I extract that msc.rbz file (thats the one right?). I can't find it anymore how to do that. Years ago I used dattool a lot to extract at bhms, also for my own few mods.

    In general, can moders please be more accurate with solid step by step instructions in the readme file for the 'dummies' here :tongue:
  8. WorkerBee


    Downloads: A new file has been added by WorkerBee:

    RBR Setup Manager 1.10

    Update History

    Version 1.10
    * use RBRs logic of incrementing/decrementing values
    * only write changed values
    * improved accuracy of differential velocity values

    Version 1.9
    * min/max/default values of differential locks
    * fixed rounding issues of minimum values

    Version 1.8
    * ad-hoc calculation of geometry values
    * disable visual styles of the differential settings progress bars
    * icon

    RBR Setup Manager 1.10 for RBR 1.02

    A simple app to copy/move car setup files to and from the RBR SavedGames
    folder. It automatically renames the files to conform with the RBR XslotNNN_
    naming convention.

    It also enables you to edit the setups using the context menu Properties

    Requires .NET Framework v2, and RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe 1.02 in the current


    Unzip all the contents of the installation archive into your Richard Burns
    Rally installation folder (where RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe is located).
  9. LeeRex


    hey WB...I dl'd version 2.8, dropped the folder and .dll into the plug in folder. When I ran
    rsrbr nothing was listed. When I backed out I looked in the plugins folder and found that the .dll had been changed to .no. Any suggestions?
  10. WorkerBee


    This is one of the friendly features of RSRBR, renaming unwanted plugins ...

    Maybe applying the "hidden" attribute to the TrainingDay.dll file will do the trick (another smart user gave this hint some time ago regarding FixUp, as far as I remember).
    Otherwise you may create a separate RBR installation to run less restrictive plugins like TrainingDay or RBRTM.
  11. purin88


    I can't download Particle mod by Kahoo v5:(
  12. A.G.



    I have a problem with your HDR Plugin and GaugerPlugin.dll in Richard Burns Rally.


    I have chanced setting in:


    My Gauger Name in Plugins is GaugerPlugin.dll but doesn┬┤t start when i write this settings in the ini. The Mod is fantastic, but i also need the GaugerPlugin.dll
  13. FerrariMan96


  14. TOTO090369


    The link is dead! Please could you reupload!
  15. FerrariMan96


    It isn't dead. The downloads just haven't been moves to the new RD server yet.

    To access the download, click on the link that gives you "Page not found". Then, in the address bar, put a 2 after the www so that the address becomes http://www2.racedepartment.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=4233
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