Old nocg skydome in cg tracks..

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  1. luthobu


    Hi there, once again.

    Noticed today that if you want to CG an old track, and like the old skydome,
    you can keep the original track.shd, CG it to a minimum, and set the sky
    to ~vf_standard. It then retains the original and intended skymap..

    Maybe I am slow, but when I found this I jumped for joy, simply because
    some of the old tracks (4Oaks) have awsome skies. And since I am at it,
    I looked at my "Elan Valley" conversion of 4Oaks (with permission of course)
    and noticed that the meshes were all "messed up", it takes ages to load.
    So I optimized the meshes and am working on the textures. I might do a
    simple an non-elegant CG version soon, just so the track stays alive, but
    I really wish that someone else could pick up the fire and continue the work
    to keep the old tracks on par with the newer Racer versions. So much work
    they put into it, so much time, so much love even. Ruud, you have had,
    and still have disciples. It is the principle of free software. You give the
    engine, the community provides the content, a symbiotic and enigmatic
    relationship.. and yet, quite sweet ;)
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