Old Group A on future WRC 4?

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    Hello everyone.
    This one will be a big topic so for those who are not so forward to read this whole text I'll make it short here:
    1. What about bringing back the old Group A cars to the future WRC game?
    2. What do you think about official online championships held by MILESTONE in which people could sign up?
    You can find a video and a petition link below to sign, in case you're interested.

    Ok here we go:
    I've been playing rally games since the early ages, being my first rally game the Colin McRae Rally 2.0.
    During that era it was spectacular, the cars were good looking and each one had its own trick to get around.
    I also started following the WRC season since 2002 and watched a few reviews of the old seasons.
    As time went by, WRC started to lose its touch season by season, with the introduction of new cars far more balanced than they should be for a show like WRC and also a few things changed, from the scoreboard to the paintings and rules.

    I play this new generation of WRC game made by MILESTONE and what really sets me back is the fact that we are forced to drive the new WRC cars on championship mode. Theres no old Group A anymore and it lost its fun that way. I've been sharing my opinion with a couple of friends and rally fans as well and we agree in many aspects, so I would like to come to you as you're probably the biggest meeting point for WRC gamers and share this opinion as well and see what you think about it. I think it's no news that rally games have been decreasing in rally quality.
    If you look at the CMR Dirt series, you can barely say that's rally anymore. However, MILESTONE has been making an effort to re-launch the rally game industry and so far it ain't bad, but they are missing some important points which we enjoyed when we played a good rally game back in time: the old seasons, the cars, the drivers and all that had impact on WRC, which has been forgotten as time went by.

    I have already emailed MILESTONE about this idea of adding the old Group A back in the series, not discarding the present generation of course, so we racers could choose between the seasons to our likes.
    Also as part of the suggestion, I also suggested Official Online Championships to be held on www.wrcthegame.com so that WRC players could sign up and compete for the driver's championship title, etc.
    The championships could vary between the type of cars used (for example Old Group A, Group A New Gen(present), Group B, etc).
    This would keep the game alive for sure, as well as the WRC experience.

    I've made a video to reinforce this whole idea:

    And also created a petition so that it gets easier to reach MILESTONE's attention about these ideas. Shall you agree, please help this cause by signing this petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/mi...-longer-cars-drivers-and-online-championships

    Once it reaches the target, I will email MILESTONE again with the petition, the video and every information shared here so that we can at least hope that WRC 4 (perhaps) brings back the real WRC feeling that we've all been missing these years.
    Start posting! :)

    Best Regards,
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    Just a little thing, of all cars in the vid. The Lancer was the only car that didn't use the WRC rules. So, from the definition, the Lancer was the only Gr.A car from that video.
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    Yes, bring back the days of rallying without sequential gearbox. For me, rallying started to go downhill coinciding with the introduction of sequential gearbox. It started to look like playing computer games instead of the other way around. I know everything is sequential these days, and as far as I am concerned, boring.

    F1? I rather watch paint dry. Sorry for my rant.