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Old FSR articles (merged)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dennis Hirrle, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Dennis Hirrle

    Dennis Hirrle

    fsrblack.jpg SimSync Pro is partnering FSR this year with their Mod synchronization tool.

    The Mod is for public download, however, if you are an owner of a racing league who would like to use the Mod or parts of it, please ask for consent at isrclubpresident@formula-simracing.net

    The FSR 2010 Mod consists of the ISI 2007 BMW F1 car and newly produced physics with regulations up to 2010 F1 standards, i.e. no re-fueling. The physics and the engine were produced by the FSR Mod Group during January and February this year. The Mod also includes all skins of all Formula SimRacing teams as well as FSR’s own custom menus and start up video, and not to forget, all the tracks

    Please follow these steps in order to download the FSR 2010 Season Mod.

    Step #1:
    Make a fresh installation of rFactor! If you don't do this, you might be facing some unnecessary issues.
    Just open the rFactor installer exe which you can download from ISI's website and choose a new destination on your hard disk. Call it "FSR 2010" or any other name you wish. Let it install and you'll have a fresh game.
    In order to keep your PLR and Controller settings, just go into your existing (old) rFactor installation, go to "UserData" and copy the folder that has your name on it.
    Then go to the newly created rFactor installation, go into UserData, right click and "paste".
    Do the same with the "Controller" folder, and you're done.

    Step #2:
    Download SimSync Pro. After the download, put the exe and the ini file into your newly created main rFactor destination.
    Click on SimSyncPro.exe to launch the program. An auto updater might pop up, in that case, let it do the update.
    Click on the British flag on the top right of the program window if you want to get rid of the German.

    Step #3:
    Click on "Show available rFactor Series" and you'll see the Formula SimRacing 2010 series coming up. Select it, then press "Start" on the bottom right.
    Enter the password 5970 and the program will synchronize your game with the latest files (cars, tracks, anything you need).
    Now you're good to go. If you want to make sure whether everything worked, join FSR's official practice server. If you don't get any mismatch, you're done!
    You should execute the SimSyncPro before every official race event at least in order for you to have the correct and up to date files!

    If you have problems with starting to synchronize, launch the SimSyncPro.exe as "Administrator" via right click.

    If you have any questions, please send a PM.

    Online Servers
    Name: FSR Free Practice
    Password: fsr10
  2. Eric. K

    Eric. K

    I cant wait to try it out tonight. I heard some really good things about the physics.
  3. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Yes, Many thanks to FSR for let all the people enjoy their work :thanks:
  4. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    Yeah I couldn't wait all day to come home from work to try this out! Thanks FSR!! :)
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    oooOOOooo Thank you, I will try later :)
  6. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I have tryed and its good.the car seems slow but has alot of grip.Good job,thanks.
  7. David O Gorman

    David O Gorman

    Very nice mod and the tracks are top notch as well.
  8. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues


    GhostSpeed Racing Team had a very good weekend at Formula SimRacing round 6 in the Monaco Principality. Dimitri De Matos won the World Series race achieving his first win as well as the first for the team in 2010. In the day after, David Greco had a great drive into 2nd place in the AutoGP World Championship, the first podium for him and the team in the World Championship this season.

    David had his best qualifying session this season achieving 2nd position in the grid. He had a very consistent race opting for a 1 stop strategy against the 2 stops of the other main competitors which allowed him to have a look into the 1st place. But, in the end, he had to settle for 2nd after defending his position very well against Haehnel in fresher tyres. A great performance to get on the podium. Well done David!

    Laurent Keersmaekers was not able to start this race because of serious graphical problems.

    In the World Series, Karim Wezenberg was the one that left Monaco more disappointed. His qualify runs were all ruined by traffic making him get only 6th in the grid when he was looking to fight for pole position. Then later in the race, he was forced to retire in lap1 after being surprised by careless moves from the drivers in front, that made him loose his front wing, and then got stuck in the slowest corner of the track with no way out.

    Stephane Rouault, that started the race from 5th, also saw himself involved in the same incident as Karim since he was right behind Karim and had nowhere to go and lost his front wing too. Stephane was still able to climb several positions and finish in 9th, getting some points to GS Racing.

    Dimitri De Matos got 7th in the grid and he was the only one of the three to escape without problems from lap 1. He then made a superb and consistent drive keeping the distance to the guys in front that were in a 2 stop strategy while Dimitri opted for a 1 stop. The strategy worked very well for him, putting him in the lead of the race before his stop and giving him a good chance to fight for the win. Although, at the end of his first stint he made a mistake with worn tyres making small contact with the wall. This made that after all the stops he had to settle just for 2nd. But in the final laps of the race, the leader of the race lost his front wing in a incident with backmarkers. Dimitri climbed then to 1st and kept it until the finish line winning the FSR WS Monaco GP. A great win by him after a very consistent drive. Congratulations Dimitri De Matos!

    Marco Conti had to start from pitlane after a penalty and did a good race climbing several positions. In the last laps he saw himself involved in a incident with drivers that were blocking the road but he was still able to finish the race in 10th.

    In the World Trophy, the race didn’t went as well as in the other races of the weekend for the GhostSpeed drivers but there was still good points for the team. Mark Aalberts was the unluckiest driver being forced to retire after being involved in several incidents during the race. On the other hand, Danny Lubbers and Ferry Koek besides having several incidents during the race too, they were both able to finish the race in 8th and 10th positions.

    Know more at GhostSpeed.net
    Facebook page: Become a Fan
    Twitter page: Follow Us
  9. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard
    Sir Ropey Premium

    Just downloading this now, I really like the installer software, makes the whole process so straight forward :D

  10. Johannes Kunkel

    Johannes Kunkel

    The two back-to-back weekends provided plenty of excitement for Precision and culminated in the best possible way with Huis capturing the Monaco throne in WC.



    The Spanish weekend kicked off the European season and provided both joy and tears. In World Series the team had a modest qualifying influenced by traction problems, but in the race Cyril Werdmuller took the best out of the car to score home a strong third, continuing the podium streak for the Dutch. Mattias Stahre finished in fifth after early damage from banzai moves, David Martinez in eight and Fred Gosling in 14th after technical issues.

    In World Trophy the team was equally somewhat handicapped in qualifying (compared to normal standards), while Allar Foht, Pedro Melim and Ajibola Lawal took 4th, 5th and 6th. In the race the team's pace was better, as expected, and Foht managed to leapfrog the opponents one by one to take the lead. A dominating performance saw the Estonian finish in a first victory, accompanied by Lawal in fourth, Melim in fifth and Emre Uysal in eight. Foht commented on his performance in the Estonian modest manner:
    "I wasn't quite happy with myself, did a few stupid mistakes, but nevertheless 1st place and some nice points for the team. Also great fight from my team mates through the whole race."
    Onto the weekend's final run, World Championship, the team performed an uneven qualifying with Bono Huis in an excellent second, but championship leader Tali in a lowly 19th. The synopsis for the race turned upside down already in the first stint, when Bono Huis was hit from behind as a consequence of a certainly rare mistake by Bruno Marques. Meanwhile Tali put up a storming drive of a championship leader to overtake cars one by one.
    Ronny Hähnel had quietly made up places in the qualifying and on his way towards a first WC podium, when an electrical failure hit the young German with one lap to go. After all retirements Rasmus Tali finished in an astonishing second place, equaling the achievement of Marques from Turkey 2007 to rise from P19 to P2. Jaakko Mikkonen finished in a respectable fourth after being hit by several cars early on.


    Just one week later, the glorious Monaco grand prix was scheduled. This time, the weekend kicked off slightly better, as Cyril Werdmuller made it to the front row in qualifying, whereas Mattias Stahre suffered from traffic in all his runs and had to settle for 9th. Rather unsurprisingly, the first laps provided plenty of incidents, including a safety car period, of which Werdmuller made most use and acclaimed the lead. The Dutchman's irreproachable weekend continued until the very final laps, when unavoidable contact with an ill-positioned Santiago Niza forced Werdmuller to pit. In a race influenced by bad fortune, the team eventually ended up with 4th and 6th places from Werdmuller and Stahre.
    In World Trophy the best news from qualifying was the front row from Ajibola Lawal, and championship leader Pedro Melim habitually settled for fifth. After losing a place in start Lawal reseltted for second place, but the ghosts kept hunting the Briton, as a spun backmarker car blocked the road and resulted in instant retirement. Not surprisingly, Melim continued his consistent performing despite a front wing loss, which eventually saw the Portuguese finish in third, further strengthening his already impressive championship lead. The Portuguese commented: "In the end a third place is a very good result on this type of track and considering I lost front wing once."
    Emre Uysal continued his excellent race performances in form of P4.
    The World Championship would however be the ultimate test where the ducks would separate from the men. The team had a strong qualifying, topped by Bono Huis taking his third pole of the season, being the only "man" braking the 1:13 mark and just edging out Civitavecchia's gift to sim racing, David Greco. The race continued in the hands of Huis until the pit stops, when a 1-stopping Greco gained the position due to the strategy. The young Precision driver nevertheless proved the "no overtake at Monaco" rule wrong and regained the lead.
    After a supreme performance, Huis finished over the chequered flag with no one in close distance to capture his first Monaco win, which aided him back to third in the championship. Ronny Hähnel put up another impressive drive by securing the double podium of team #1 and more importantly the constructors' championship lead. Jaakko Mikkonen finished in fifth after an action-filled race behind Patrick De Wit and Rasmus Tali in eight after a couple of astonishing overtaking moves.

    Thanks to the results, Precision now maintains all championship leads in the three FSR categories. The Istanbul GP marks the next race, to be held in two week's time. Stay tuned for the broadcast!

    Ondrej Kuncman, Precision Motorsports team manager commented:
    "Being nearly perfectly ready for each race and in each division doesn't necessarily bring wanted results as we have seen the last 2 FSR weekends. Technical difficulties and agressive reckless behaviour by a few drivers and backmarkers left us highly frustrated but yet motivated for the next races. Everybody is working hard and driving even better. Bono outclassed everybody in Monaco and we are doing our very best to reinstate this Precision domination in Turkey in all categories."

    Selected driver quotes:

    Bono Huis (1st) commented (Monaco):
    "A much needed result after some bad luck in the previous races. In qualifying I did an ok lap and got pole, which is very important in Monaco obviously. I did a good start, and a good first lap. Managed to pull a gap to David immediately. And then I was just pacing myself, not pushing the engine that much, not going too close to the barriers, and I was still faster than David. On lap 26 I made my first pitstop, and got behind David who was on a 1 stop. So I knew I had to pass him if I wanted to win the race. So I had to take some risks and went to the inside in the Nouvelle Chicane, I was already next to him but I guess he didn't see me because he turned in on me and contact was inevitable. But I managed to pass him, and from then on it was quite a lonely race, just making sure to get the car to the finish, and I did. A great and very important result for the championship. Thanks to all Precision drivers for their excellent work with the setups once again."

    Ronny Hähnel (3rd) commented (Monaco):
    "It was a quite great weekend considering that it was my first time with an F1 car at Monaco which really is quite crazy. The race could have been even better because Greco was on a one-stop strategy and I could have raced faster at the first stint. After my first pit stop I was in traffic and lost quite a lot time. The last stint was pretty good and I could gain time to Greco, but in the end it wasn't really possible to overtake him."

    Mattias Stahre (6th) commented (Monaco):
    "Wings, hits and rock n roll. Well this was quite a disastrous weekend for me. In the qualifying session I caught up other cars on all my attempts to set a good time which set me up bad for the race.
    Starting in the middle of the grip is always hard but I can assure you that's almost impossible to not hit someone while you are trying to overtake other cars ahead and defend behind. When I lost my front wing and also got an in game penalty behind the Safety car it looked like it would be a race to forget but with 70 laps to go I tried my very best to get points. I managed to make lots of overtakes on others and with my teammate P1 I felt more comfortable that our car was working here which in the end it really did.Even though we didn't get a win the World Series race I think it was quite clear that we as a team came well prepared for this weekend.
    Also I'd like to highlight that my teammate Cyril drove really well this race and it was sad that he had his accident."

    Emre Uysal (4th) commented (Monaco):
    "Good race overall after starting from p7. I made a solid start without any damage and builded up my race from there. After some misfortune of other drivers I finished the race on 4th place which isn't a bad result when you have a flu. With the setups being more stable every race I'm looking forward to Turkey wich is the national track for me. I'm sure the team will estabilish a great teamwork again and run infront for the win there."

    Precision Motorsports
    Official Press Release
    written by John-Eric Saxen

    Attached Files:

  11. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Here is the highlights package from round 06 of the Auto GP World Championship:

    Thanks to Jack Nicholls for recording the commentary, Patrick de Wit for the cams, Dennis Hirrle, and everyone else who worked on the track.
  12. Lukas Mateusz

    Lukas Mateusz

    Very good job

    amazing MOD:D
  13. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

  14. Dennis Hirrle

    Dennis Hirrle

    Tonight will be the seventh round of the 2010 Formula SimRacing AutoGP World Championship at Istanbul Park, Turkey. Tune into the Live Broadcast to find out whether Bono Huis can repeat his victory from Monaco, or whether the likes of Marques, Greco, Tali or Hähnel can get on the top spot!
    By guessing the Top-8 race result, you can also win 130€ this time, with free entry! Click here.

    Broadcast Schedule:

    Sunday May 23rd 2010
    AutoGP FSR World Championship - Turkish Grand Prix
    FSR Classics - 2009 Turkish Grand Prix: 3:00pm
    Pre-Race-Show: 5:10pm
    Qualifying: 5:25pm

    Race: 6:00pm

    CLICK for Broadcast.
  15. Nick Rowland

    Nick Rowland

    ash.JPG Istanbul, the gateway to the East.

    Turkey would turn in to a very solid event for Ash Racing. Coming off the back of testing both Lee Morris and Samuel Libeert showed some very impressive times for the WC category and gave a welcomed boost not only just to them, but the entire team.

    Come qualifying Lee was very rushed in trying to get his laps in and wasn’t able to achieve his personal best which would have put him very close if not on the front row of the grid. Samuel was equally impressive just a few hundredths behind Lee’s time and 13th on the grid. Very encouraging for both.

    Samuel got the better start of the two drivers managing to navigate around the chaos of Turn 1. Lee unfortunately locked the differential on entry to Turn 1 getting in to a well saved slide.

    As the laps peeled off both drivers made progress through the field, an inspired pit stop from Lee Morris jumped him three positions before settling in to a brilliant scrap with John-Eric Saxén of Estrada-DHR SimCraft for an overall 8th place.

    Samuel unfortunately fell fowl to a telemetry error which cost him a valuable engine after a sterling drive inside the Top 10 to that point.

    The encouragement for both drivers after the pace they showed will only drive them forwards and keep them wanting more. While we still are a growing and developing team it’s great to see that these WC drivers are keeping the faith and belief in themselves and the team.

    Craig Johnston our new acquisition in World Trophy was a little unlucky. After a solid qualifying, Craig was hoping his race pace would really shine in Turkey but unfortunately wasn’t to be after an unfortunate accident in Turn 9 which looked like to lag related.

    Overall another encouraging and promising weekend for the Ash Racing team and we hope we can build off what we learnt here for Montreal.

    Congratulations and well done to Bruno Marques and Twister Racing after a phenomenal race.


    Nick Rowland
    Ash Racing
  16. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Thanks for the report, looking forward to see the race recap video as I missed the live broadcast (I was racing at Brno ;) )
  17. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium


    Don't miss the pro's at the Turkish track!
  18. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Awesome 8th place for Simcraft :D
  19. Muhammed Patel

    Muhammed Patel

    Turkey_Image.jpg World Series saw DHR SimCraft driver’s Ben Tusting get 9th place and Jack Keithley qualifying in 14th on the grid. At the early stages of the race Ben gained a few positions, but slipped back. The race was going well for the three DHR GP drivers, with John Debaquer gaining 11 places through the race – From 26th to 15th after missing qualifying due to technical issues. Unfortunate news happened to Ben Tusting, with his engine failing with 6 laps remaining due to pushing too hard to gain time. However, Jack came in 9th, his second consecutive top-10 place finish.

    World Trophy once again saw DHR SimCraft driver Muhammed Patel taking pole position, his third of the season, and three in a row. He was followed by DHR Apex’s Fabrico Teidy. Off the line saw both Patel and Teidy keep their places, however Teidy dropped behind and it became apparent that Precision Motorsports Pedro Melim was a bit faster then Patel. Once he got by, Patel had to keep off the other Precision car, of Ajibola Lawal. He succeeded. Teidy had an immense second stint, however, being 12 seconds behind after a poor first stint, he was unable to close up and pass both Patel & Lawal, and finished in 4th.

    World Championship was an okay result for the Estrada-DHR-Simcraft team. While Jack Keithley filled in for the ill suffering Tom Eley, his race was short-lived due to being caught up in the second lap mayhem. The car was badly damaged due to this, and he retired out of the grand prix.
    John Eric-Saxen was stuck behind other cars for the majority of the race which ruined his chance of a top 5 result. However, he had a fantastic battle with Ash Racings Lee Morris. He came home in 8th place, bringing good points for the team.

    Muhammed Patel commented: “It was a good race for me, with my third consecutive pole. Melim was a bit too fast for me, but I was able to hold on to 2nd. Good result, and am being consistent on the podiums now which is good. Also a good race for the team, with Fabrico being quick and good points in World Series. And once again a brilliant drive by Saxen to get points for us in WC.”

    Fabrico Teidy commented: “Was a good race, but I was just a bit too excited in the first stint and made some mistakes, but made up for it in the second stint. Towards the end I was 12 seconds behind Patel and Lawal, I was able to close every lap and got to less than 1 second from Lawal at the last lap, but made a mistake at sector one which lost me the chance to try and take 3rd. But am happy to finish 4th after a difficult start to the season. Thanks to the team for the great work on the car, looking forward to Canada”

    All results & standings can be found on FSR GPCOS Site here.

    World Series Broadcast Link
    World Trophy Broadcast Link
    World Championship Broadcast Link
  20. Roald Reurink

    Roald Reurink

    rr1.jpg What started as a bad weekend for the Roaldo Racing (Roaldo RedSpeed) team, ended with two good results in the World Championship.

    Roald Reurink: "The team performance during testing was again good and fun, the team atmosphere is at the standard I'm happy with. Everyone is testing and contributing, we have nice chats on MSN and we follow eachother races. As Roaldo Racing (RedSpeed) is basically an entire new team, I can be happy with the drivers we have now."

    Two new drivers debuted in Turkey for the Roaldo RedSpeed WT team: Jan-Moritz Kammann and Andreas Nilsson, older brother of Fredrik Nilsson. Both drivers were on pace right away and started at p5 and p11 of the grid, unfortunately both didn't see the finish flag. The other two drivers Brian Phillips, who returned to the team, and Sami Pesari also didn't saw the finish flag. Ben had the best possibilities on a podium in Turkey, the whole WT team had pace, so it was a dissapointment that none finished. However for Canada, it will be different!

    In WS the same story, no finishers. Both Clayton and Samuel saw their race ending too early.
    Then the last race of the weekend, the WC drivers were up.

    Roald Reurink (team-manager): "Because of what happend in WS and WT I was cautious. Mathieu Prevot had to start from pitlane and Fredrik had a good qualification, I knew we improved on our race pace so it was interesting what we could do in the first race with our new knowledge. Fredrik was almost hit at the beginning of the race, but luckily he found himself in front, passing Morand and moving up to P4, a bigger gap after the pitstops. We were not sure if Fredrik had enough fuel so we saved a bit towards the end of the race. Mathieu was simply awesome, from pitlane to 10th. With the strategy of Mikkonen we might have been higher, but a very good race nonetheless from Mathieu, who also saved fuel towards the end of the race and didn't push anymore. I think your blond Holland girl is passed Belgium already Mat ;) Up to Canada!"

    The Roaldo Racing team will drive with a special livery the upcoming GP's, after 2 GP's the Roaldo team will introduce a new livery and car once again! The idea is to shine even more on track, as most cars have red-white it is hard to distinguish the Roaldo Racing cars. The new livery and also the new car, is more visible for the Roaldo Racing fans.
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