Offline issues with g27 and patches

Sorry if there is a thread just for this, but i can't find it , just got a G27 wheel , upgraded from my logitech MOMO wheel (so far not an upgrade) the g27 works ok in gtr2, sees the wheel , ffb effects ok (except for the big dead zone , set to "0" )

but in Raceon it doesn't work right at all, doesn't see the wheel as a G27, very little feedback at times then a hard jerk out of nowhere, no ffb over the curbing, then hard pull to the right,

tryed many, if not all different settings in ffb menu,tryed the led lite change in a config file, tryed someones profile from another forum, that didn't work either, installed the latest logitech software, did the offline patch (i run offline as i have a crap isp, cause where i live) and after the patch the exe won't use the raceon cd , have to use the Race 07 cd and i get a minidump, and then i have to reinstall it all over , sometimes just raceon , other times race 07 then evo then raceon then all my added tracks,

always had the patch problem on 3 different computers with different downloaded files before the wheel, just did today for the wheel trouble , no luck :frown:

runing a pretty fast machine with vista, i can run the res all the way up and get really good frame rates, hope thats enough info , any help would be Greatly appreciated,

thx for your time, mike,

James Yates

That patch is old and has issues with the G27. Not sure why you're running the offline version anyway, its pretty pointless.
When you say this "installed the latest logitech software" you do mean 5.09 correct?
I had huge issues using my G27 at all with 5.08.
yes , Blair i have 5.09 logitech ,(why would the software profiler see all my first person shooters i have , and none of the racing games i have installed??) i can point it to see the race07 exe, should i do something with the profiler ??

heres a twist it works great with GTR2, no issues, so it can't be the wheel

the ffb is so random, its as if its keying off of a different game running at the same time as the one i'm playing , i go thru a right the wheel stays to the right half way down the straight, then gives me no ffb going into the next left, fells very codeing problem,

James why is offline pointless?? i have a very crappy internet connection as i can't in no way think about playing online, i live out in the sticks, it has it's many advantages , internet is not one of them, i think i stayed with offline, cause i had trouble loading tracks into the online ver, can't remember, long time ago,

if i reinstall the game online version will i have better luck with the G27 ffb issues ??

i still can't update the game with the steam patch, as i have all retail disc versions, (internet thing again) so i'm left with the old race 07 patch ( the most current one i can find

thanks for your time, mike,

J-F Chardon

SimBin Studios
Hello Mike!
The G27 issue you describe sounds very much like the one we've fixed in the latest patch, released for the online version.

If your internet connection is that slow, you should maybe install the game from the DVD, select the Online installation option. That will install 90% of the needed files and you will just have to download the patch files, which is automatic when connecting to Steam.

Once your game is installed and runs ok, note that you can run Steam in offline mode and are able to play even if you don't have an internet connection at all at that moment. (you just have to login once, and then go to the Steam menus and select the "Switch to offline mode" option)

And then you should save all your files to a DVD or hard disk by using Steam's archives system. (Right click your game in the Steam library and select "Properties", and then find the backup option.)

This will save your time if you happen to have to reinstall the game again someday.

Neil Tasker

arh i had this problem with my gtr evo too, the steering felt awful i,ve got the settings i changed the settings in my logitech profiler and a couple in game settings, i,ll have a look ans pm you the setting i,ve used see if that helps and makes it feel better,
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