Offline GTR Evo not working

Jamie R

Oct 24, 2008
Ok, tried the F1 2009 mod on the steam version which broke it so I have to re-download the whole thing again (GAAAH, damn you steam!). Anyway, it's predicting another 10 hours of downloading since (GAAAH, damn you steam!) it's only downloading at 50kbs, when I'm capable of much faster than that.

So I installed the offline version for now, but when I got to launch it, it tells me to insert the original race07 disk! Please don't tell me the GTR Evo disk with race07 on it won't do.. I bought it thinking, ooh look, it comes with race07 on and then oh what do you know, you have to download race07 and when offline it tells you you don't have race07! Great... ¬_¬

Mike Coleman

Sep 4, 2008
It sounds like you installed the Steam version from the DVD and not the offline.

I've never had to download anything for the offline version.

But if you install the Steam version from DVD, it does make you download Race.

The DVD version has the complete offline version (Evo + Race07), but for Steam, it only has the Evo expansion. That's why it makes you download Race.