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Official: Sauber added as 13th team

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Wido Rossen, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Wido Rossen

    Wido Rossen

    Peter Sauber and his team have been added to the starting list of the 2010 season.

    Sauber have received official confirmation that they have been granted the final slot on the Formula One grid for next season.

    The Swiss-based outfit have been told by the FIA that they will be the 13th and final team to line up when the season begins in Bahrain in March.

    Sauber have benefited from Toyota's decision to pull out of the sport at the end of the last season.

    "The FIA has written to inform BMW Sauber AG that their application for an entry in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship has been successful," said a statement issued by the FIA.

    "Subject to their signing the Concorde Agreement, BMW Sauber will be awarded the 13th entry in the Championship, taking the place of the departing Toyota team.

    "The FIA has worked closely with the commercial rights holder and the teams involved over recent weeks and is grateful for their support in achieving the best outcome for the sport."
  2. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    26 cars next seasson! WOW That is great!
  3. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Premium

    Omg! That's wonderful news! NO! Double wonderful news. My favorite team won't leave F1 and in addition we will watch a 26 cars grid :love: :woop:
  4. Georgios Davakos

    Georgios Davakos

    Yes my dad's favorite team won't leave F1 and 26 cars will be a FUNTASTIK Challange.
    Preper for an awsome season my friends.
  5. Mark Birney

    Mark Birney

    26! :faint:
  6. Resi Respati

    Resi Respati

    Would be fun if the 107% rule is back (maybe? :p)
  7. Wido Rossen

    Wido Rossen


    Pleaso no 107% rule.
    Lets have all 26 cars on the grid :gimme:
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